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Fred Schneider's Profile

Brief about Fred Schneider: By info that we know Fred Schneider was born at 1951-07-01. And also Fred Schneider is American Musician.

Some Fred Schneider's quotes. Goto "Fred Schneider's quotation" section for more.

Australians are geniuses with a good sense of humour.

Tags: Good, Humour, Sense

Call us the future from your past.

Tags: Call, Future, Past

I am a pacifist.

Tags: Pacifist

I rarely watch TV but I guess I'd watch the weather report since I fly so much.

Tags: Since, Watch, Weather

I used to like doing karaoke until cell-phone cameras came along.

Tags: Along, Until, Used

I was raised in New Jersey - Long Branch.

Tags: Branch, Jersey, Raised

It was a nightmare. The band had to tour Greenland by bus.

Tags: Band, Nightmare, Tour

No, we've been performing our old songs a little differently each performance.

Tags: Old, Performing, Songs

Sometimes groups and their material can get overbloated.

Tags: Groups, Material, Sometimes

The hairstyles of most Heavy Metal bands are pretty horrendous.

Tags: Heavy, Metal, Pretty

You know, Southerners are pretty cool.

Tags: Cool, Pretty

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