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Gordon Bell's Profile

Brief about Gordon Bell: By info that we know Gordon Bell was born at 1934-08-19. And also Gordon Bell is American Businessman.

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I don't think forgetting is an important feature of human memory. I think it's important to be able to remember things accurately.

Tags: Able, Human, Remember

I started working occasionally for my father when I was around six. The first skill I learned was how to join a plug to a wire.

Tags: Father, Learned, Working

My mother had been a grade-school teacher, and my father had an eighth-grade education.

Tags: Education, Mother, Teacher

People have no memory of phone numbers now because of the cell phone - their address book is in a cell phone.

Tags: Book, Memory, Phone

Well, I got to have a project. I'm not a blue-sky guy at all. I'd never let anybody like me loose in a company.

Tags: Anybody, Company, Guy

I tend to always carry a camera with me. I live next to a fire station, and I've got lots of photos of the hook and ladder coming out of the house. And I like food, so I tend to photograph wonderfully presented food all the time. To me those are very pleasant memories.

Tags: Fire, Food, Time

I'm on Facebook and Twitter, and occasionally I will tweet something. Somehow my problem is that I don't think I have anything interesting to tweet about.

Tags: Facebook, Problem, Somehow
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