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Greg Egan's Profile

Brief about Greg Egan: By info that we know Greg Egan was born at 1961-08-20. And also Greg Egan is Australian Scientist.

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A story in Asimov's is read by hundreds of thousands of people.

Tags: Read, Story, Thousands

Fandom is about fandom, it's a great big social club.

Tags: Big, Great, Social

I admire David Lynch so much, and I think he made some bad decisions with Lost Highway.

Tags: Bad, Decisions, Lost

I don't have any structured grand plan; I just intend to keep writing about the things that interest me-some of which change, some of which don't.

Tags: Change, Keep, Writing

I think new writers everywhere need opportunities to get published.

Tags: Everywhere, Published, Writers

I've been taking longer to write stories lately.

Tags: Longer, Taking, Write

Widespread caffeine use explains a lot about the twentieth century.

Tags: Caffeine, Century, Explains

Australian SF book publishing has undergone a boom recently, and sometimes it's easier for new writers to sell a book to a local publisher first, which then makes a US edition more likely.

Tags: Book, Makes, Sometimes

Being rewarded for anything other than the quality of their work is the fastest way to screw-up a writer-and it isn't only new ones who suffer from that.

Tags: Quality, Suffer, Work

Diaspora starts about a thousand years from now. Most of human civilisation has moved inside computers; essentially, a major branch of our descendants consists of conscious software.

Tags: Computers, Human, Inside

I hadn't given much thought to the prospect of a Hugo nomination at the time it happened, but obviously once you're nominated, winning one seems a bit less far-fetched than before.

Tags: Thought, Time, Winning

I'm rarely grabbed by anything the way I was when I was 10 years younger. About the only relatively new artists whose albums I own are Beck, and They Might Be Giants.

Tags: Artists, Might, Whose

I've supported myself by writing since 1992, and I'm probably very nearly unemployable by now because employers are likely to be put off by the long gap.

Tags: Off, Put, Writing

Pop science goes flying off in all kinds of fashionable directions, and it often drags a lot of SF writers with it. I've been led astray like that myself at times.

Tags: Off, Often, Science
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