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Harold Simmons's Profile

Brief about Harold Simmons: By info that we know Harold Simmons was born at 1931-05-13. And also Harold Simmons is American Businessman.

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I don't think I have a black-hat image.

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Money brings a lot of responsibility as to what you're going to do with it, and I've given quite a bit of thought to that.

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I definitely have a shareholders' perspective. I'm not doing that altruistically. I'm doing that because it's in my own self interest to do it. I think that's good for my other shareholders because they go along with me: If I do well for myself, then they do well for themselves.

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I'm not trying to change an image, I'm just trying to make sure that the facts match the image. The facts are basically that I'm a builder. I have not dissembled any company nor split up any companies, nor do I ever buy any companies with that intent.

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You never talk about what you want when giving money. I don't pay attention to what other people think...There shouldn't be restrictions of any kind on political contributions.

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