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Hazel Scott's Profile

Brief about Hazel Scott: By info that we know Hazel Scott was born at 1920-06-11. And also Hazel Scott is American Musician.

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I have always respected everyone's religion. As I say, there is only one God and a lot of confused people.

Tags: Confused, God, Religion

I think we musicians are emissaries. Every time we go before the public, we're there to make converts.

Tags: Musicians, Public, Time

There's a time when you have to explain to your children why they're born, and it's a marvelous thing if you know the reason by then.

Tags: Children, Time, Why

There's only one free person in this society, and he is white and male.

Tags: Free, Society, White

Who ever walked behind anyone to freedom? If we can't go hand in hand, I don't want to go.

Tags: Anyone, Freedom, Hand

I've always known I was gifted, which is not the easiest thing in the world for a person to know, because you're not responsible for your gift, only for what you do with it.

Tags: Gift, Gifted, Known

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