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The trouble with people like Tony Blair is they get confused, they think intelligence is education when they're two different things.

Tags: Education, Trouble  ✍ Author: David Bailey

Yes, I made mistakes by rebelling, by acting out in confused ways.

Tags: Acting, Mistakes  ✍ Author: Jennifer Capriati

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

Tags: Evil, May  ✍ Author: George Carlin

People that have had genuine abduction experiences that I've met that seem very genuine to me, but they're just confused about why it happened. I've met a lot of people like which I regard as being very genuine... but there's a lot of crazy people out there.

Tags: Crazy, Why  ✍ Author: Dave Davies

Feminists have confused opportunity with outcome.

Tags: Feminists, Outcome  ✍ Author: Warren Farrell

Before I came here I was confused about this subject. Having listened to your lecture I am still confused. But on a higher level.

Tags: Here, Level  ✍ Author: Enrico Fermi

I'm not confused. I'm just well mixed.

Tags: Mixed  ✍ Author: Robert Frost

You know, there's nothing more interesting than seeing a bunch of racists become confused and angry at a speech they're not quite certain what he's saying.

Tags: Angry, Saying  ✍ Author: Janeane Garofalo

If I look confused it is because I am thinking.

Tags: Thinking  ✍ Author: Samuel Goldwyn

I've realized that it's important to stop trying to think I'm any one thing. People are confused as to their identity and try to cling to one aspect of that identity to describe what they are: American, Republican, Muslim. These are really incomplete.

Tags: Try, Trying  ✍ Author: Philip Gilbert Hamerton

The good die young but not always. The wicked prevail but not consistently. I am confused by life, and I feel safe within the confines of the theatre.

Tags: Good, Life  ✍ Author: Helen Hayes

Don't be confused that my interest in religion, faith, and spirituality is driven by any sense of faith or spirituality of my own.

Tags: Faith, Religion  ✍ Author: Peter Jennings

The positive heuristic of the programme saves the scientist from becoming confused by the ocean of anomalies.

Tags: Ocean, Positive  ✍ Author: Imre Lakatos

I'm fighting for small businesses. I'm not fighting for big oil. Don't be confused. And there are thousands of businesses in this state that are at great risk. Meanwhile, the country keeps guzzling the oil, but we're out of work down here. We need to get back to work to build this region, and we intend to do so.

Tags: Great, Work  ✍ Author: Mary Landrieu

In these confused times, the role of classical music is at the very core of the struggle to reassert cultural and ethical values that have always characterized our country and for which we have traditionally been honored and respected outside our shores.

Tags: Music, Struggle  ✍ Author: Lorin Maazel

I think male actors get confused by their own vanity.

Tags: Male, Vanity  ✍ Author: Shirley MacLaine

He, however, who begins with Metaphysics, will not only become confused in matters of religion, but will fall into complete infidelity.

Tags: Infidelity, Religion  ✍ Author: Maimonides

If a person studies too much and exhausts his reflective powers, he will be confused, and will not be able to apprehend even that which had been within the power of his apprehension. For the powers of the body are all alike in this respect.

Tags: Power, Respect  ✍ Author: Maimonides

I'm a firm believer in stories with arcs and beginnings and endings and all that. 'Scott Pilgrim' is sort of one long novel, and it's so long that I get confused and sort of tread water sometimes. But there's definitely a goal to it. People who just dismiss it as shallow, that's their prerogative, but it's not really my intent.

Tags: Goal, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Bryan Lee O\'Malley

I never dreamed that shooting a film would be so hard. There was less regulation then of child actors' hours. Even the concept of acting confused me.

Tags: Acting, Hard  ✍ Author: Tatum O\'Neal

Orrin Hatch was the keynote speaker at the last meeting of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He sought me out because he was a fan. I was thinking he had confused me with someone else.

Tags: Someone, Thinking  ✍ Author: Ted Rall

My views as an individual ought not to be confused with my views as a scientist - the minute you try to mingle God and science, you get into trouble. Metaphysics has its place, and science has its place; don't mix the two.

Tags: God, Science  ✍ Author: Aron Ralston

I confused things with their names: that is belief.

Tags: Belief, Names  ✍ Author: Jean-Paul Sartre

As a viewer, the minute I start getting confused, I check out of the movie. Emotionally, I'm severed.

Tags: Getting, Start  ✍ Author: Quentin Tarantino

Politically, the world is so confused right now - there's so much suffering caused by various movements by various parties and people in power in government.

Tags: Government, Power  ✍ Author: Alice Walker
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I decline all noisy, wordy, confused, and personal controversies.

Tags: Noisy, Personal  ✍ Author: Harry Warren

The automobile, both a cause and an effect of this decentralization, is ideally suited for our vast landscape and our generally confused and contrary commuting patterns.

Tags: Both, Car  ✍ Author: Carl Yastrzemski

Fortunately, I was supposed to look confused and disoriented because, God, I felt that way.

Tags: Felt, God  ✍ Author: Dick York

We toyed with the idea of making it a double album, but I think that would only have confused everybody even more, so we decided to stick with the songs we picked.

Tags: Idea, Making  ✍ Author: Thom Yorke

It's impossible to work under conditions where they confused negativity with objectivity. You can't fool the fans.

Tags: Fool, Work  ✍ Author: Marv Albert

Yet, much of what lies beneath the ocean's surface remains a mystery, and our nation continues to rely on a confused, antiquated system of ocean governance.

Tags: Lies, Nation  ✍ Author: Tom Allen

Many Europeans are confused by the terms Roma and Romania. They wonder if it is an ethnicity or a nation of 22 million citizens.

Tags: Nation, Wonder  ✍ Author: Traian Basescu

Adults get more confused by social worker jargon. Unlike children, they are also less likely to see two sides of an argument, and they no longer think they can make the world a better place. That can make them rather boring, I suppose.

Tags: Boring, Children  ✍ Author: Nina Bawden

I was kind of confused. I thought, Well, if I get drafted, I'll go. Everybody was very concerned with it. I had friends who went. Some that came back and some that didn't.

Tags: Friends, Thought  ✍ Author: Tom Berenger

Pride in a man is confused with dignity; in a woman, with self-love.

Tags: Pride, Woman  ✍ Author: Peter Berg

There are so few women in general who aren't completely threatened and confused by other women's success. It's very disappointing.

Tags: Success, Women  ✍ Author: Sandra Bernhard

I confused gender identity with sexual orientation. Your gender identity is about who you are, how you feel, the sex that you feel yourself to be. Sexual orientation is who you're attracted to.

Tags: Sex, Yourself  ✍ Author: Chaz Bono

I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.

Tags: Admit, Lost  ✍ Author: Daniel Boone

I don't know what I have said. I have answered so many questions and I am so confused I don't know one thing from another. I am telling you just as nearly as I know.

Tags: Another, Said  ✍ Author: Lizzie Andrew Borden

I got confused. I thought it was a K.Y. scare, so I bought 2000 jars of personal lubricant. I still have some.

Tags: Personal, Thought  ✍ Author: Julie Brown

I have a problem when people say something's real or not real, or normal or abnormal. The meaning of those words for me is very personal and subjective. I've always been confused and never had a clearcut understanding of the meaning of those kinds of words.

Tags: Real, Words  ✍ Author: Tim Burton

I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. I'm really confused now.

Tags: Freedom, Good  ✍ Author: Jackie Chan

The Chinese seemed to be mourning Mao in a heartfelt fashion. But I wondered how many of their tears were genuine. People had practiced acting to such a degree that they confused it with their true feelings.

Tags: Feelings, True  ✍ Author: Iris Chang

Science is wonderfully equipped to answer the question 'How?' but it gets terribly confused when you ask the question 'Why?'

Tags: Science, Why  ✍ Author: Erwin Chargaff

If the person who can effectively sanction ill-conceived wars can play the electric guitar, which is a symbol of rebellion, then that whole worldview becomes confused.

Tags: Guitar, Whole  ✍ Author: Steve Coogan

Companies that get confused, that think their goal is revenue or stock price or something. You have to focus on the things that lead to those.

Tags: Focus, Goal  ✍ Author: Tim Cook

Rage is exciting, but leaves me confused and exhausted.

Tags: Exciting, Rage  ✍ Author: Tre Cool

I'm lucky because my two best friends are from kindergarten so they never thought that it was a big deal that I was in acting; they don't even ever talk about it. They still act all confused, like, 'What's going on?' when we go places and people come up to me.

Tags: Best, Thought  ✍ Author: Miranda Cosgrove

Speed is often confused with insight. When I start running earlier than the others, I appear faster.

Tags: Others, Start  ✍ Author: Johan Cruijff

I frequently hear our present period described as uncertain, confused, chaotic.

Tags: Hear, Present  ✍ Author: George Crumb

I want to make the IKEA of clothes for fat girls and boys. Cheap, affordable, basic - but ethically made. Basics, you know? Like Spanx - I'm still confused as to why retailers haven't ripped them off yet and done it well. It's because they don't understand the basics behind it. I love Spanx. I'm wearing 'em right now!

Tags: Done, Love  ✍ Author: Beth Ditto

Masculine ideals have become very confused in the modern world.

Tags: Become, Modern  ✍ Author: Andrew Dominik

It must be remembered that the Bush White House has a separate talent for character assassination that must not be confused with a talent for governance.

Tags: Character, Talent  ✍ Author: Richard Dreyfuss

When I feel a little confused, the only thing to do is to turn back to the study of nature before launching once again into the subjects closest to heart.

Tags: Heart, Nature  ✍ Author: Raoul Dufy

When I was young I felt really overwhelmed and confused by the desire not to end up in an office, doing something I didn't believe in.

Tags: End, Young  ✍ Author: Emilie de Ravin

I'm not really an autobiographical writer, though I use lots of stuff from my life to make my stories seem real. But when I actually write about myself, I get very confused.

Tags: Life, Real  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Eugenides

I used to think I had ambition... but now I'm not so sure. It may have been only discontent. They're easily confused.

Tags: Ambition, May  ✍ Author: Rachel Field

Well, probably I was fed up with concrete poetry. There was a lot of bad concrete poetry and besides, it was confused with visual poetry which was completely different.

Tags: Bad, Poetry  ✍ Author: Ian Hamilton Finlay

In this case it appealed to me partly because it felt close to me in some ways. This is about a confused, bewildered middle class Englishman adrift in smalltown America and that has definitely been me.

Tags: America, Felt  ✍ Author: Colin Firth

As a result of 50 years of emancipation, feminine qualities were dying out or being transferred to the males. Pansies of both sexes were everywhere, not yet completely homosexual, but confused not knowing what they were. The result was a herd of unhappy sexual misfits... the women wanting to dominate and the men to be nannied.

Tags: Men, Women  ✍ Author: Ian Fleming

I've always wanted to do a movie that takes place in the 70's and was about rock and roll and getting high, like Dazed and Confused or Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Tags: Place, Rock  ✍ Author: Edward Furlong

I did spend a lot of time as a child very confused about whether I had a devil in me, or whether I was in a state of grace. I mean, these ideas are so potent to anybody with half an imagination.

Tags: Mean, Time  ✍ Author: Antony Gormley

When I feel confused or depressed, I remember back to junior high and I silently repeat, 'This, too, shall pass.'

Tags: High, Remember  ✍ Author: Josh Groban

I've always been really curious about things and slightly confused by the world, and I think someone who feels that way is in a good position to be the one asking questions.

Tags: Good, Someone  ✍ Author: Walter Gropius

If a movie has more characters than an audience can keep track of, the audience will get confused and lose interest in the story.

Tags: Keep, Lose  ✍ Author: Seth Grahame-Smith

Nothing is more confused than to be ordered into a war to die or to be maimed for life without the faintest idea of what's going on.

Tags: Life, War  ✍ Author: Daryl Hannah

Wild animals are just as confused as people are now. You've got toxins in the water, oil, sewage, all sorts of things.

Tags: Water, Wild  ✍ Author: Jack Hannah

I'm just confused as to where we lost that in America because it is everyone's God-given right to think the way they think and that's fine. That's why our ancestors came here to America, to believe what they want, pray how they want and follow a religion with whoever they want.

Tags: Lost, Religion  ✍ Author: Angie Harmon

Actually, I don't really like being confused with my image.

Tags: Actually, Image  ✍ Author: Eva Herzigova

I was starstruck and completely confused; making a film of this story hadn't even occurred to me, and I hadn't written a single line of the book yet. I had no idea how this man knew anything about my book proposal.

Tags: Book, Single  ✍ Author: Edmund Hillary

Cubism was an attack on the perspective that had been known and used for 500 years. It was the first big, big change. It confused people: they said, 'Things don't look like that!'

Tags: Change, Said  ✍ Author: David Hockney

Only reform and opening up can develop China. We must not be afraid of any risks, and not be confused by any distractions.

Tags: Afraid, Develop  ✍ Author: Hu Jintao

The American people were really not 100% convinced that this idea of default was really going to occur, and I think the media, current company excepted here, did not help in that regard because they confused the American people about what default actually meant.

Tags: Help, Here  ✍ Author: Bill Johnson

Fog and smog should not be confused and are easily separated by color.

Tags: Color, Fog  ✍ Author: Chuck Jones

Well, if you're talking about the current climate, there's a lack of content in American film because I think people are deeply confused about their emotions, and they don't regret certain aspects of their own foreign policy.

Tags: American, Regret  ✍ Author: Neil Jordan

Being in all of my relationships, I'm even more confused than I've ever been, I don't know if you ever really understand relationships.

Tags: Understand  ✍ Author: Jamie Kennedy

A university anywhere can aim no higher than to be as British as possible for the sake of the undergraduates, as German as possible for the sake of the public at large-and as confused as possible for the preservation of the whole uneasy balance.

Tags: Balance, Whole  ✍ Author: Clark Kerr

Now I'm confused. Now I don't know what I want.

 ✍ Author: Chris Kirkpatrick

Everyone knows what a curve is, until he has studied enough mathematics to become confused through the countless number of possible exceptions.

Tags: Become, Enough  ✍ Author: Felix Klein

Novel writing should never be confused with journalism. Unfortunately, in the case of Primary Colors, a fair number of journalists confused.

Tags: Fair, Writing  ✍ Author: Joe Klein

Spiritual practice should not be confused with grim duty. It is the laughter of the Dalai Lama and the wonder born with every child.

Tags: Laughter, Spiritual  ✍ Author: Jack Kornfield

IN trying to recall my impressions during my short war duty as an officer in the Austrian Army, I find that my recollections of this period are very uneven and confused.

Tags: Trying, War  ✍ Author: Fritz Kreisler

I had always wanted to be a writer who confused genre boundaries and who was read in multiple contexts.

Tags: Read, Wanted  ✍ Author: Jonathan Lethem

The weather here is gorgeous. It's mild and feels like it's in the eighties. The hot dog vendors got confused because of the weather and thought it was spring, so they accidentally changed the hot dog water in their carts.

Tags: Spring, Thought  ✍ Author: David Letterman

I struggled with each of these studies and I was uncertain about what they meant, and often confused, and then I tried to put together what I was seeing.

Tags: Put, Together  ✍ Author: Robert Jay Lifton

When I was filming 'The Haunting Hour', my co-stars Emily Osment, Brittany Curran and I paid a visit to a haunted house - all dressed up as vampires! We really confused the workers.

Tags: House, Vampires  ✍ Author: Cody Linley

I think feminism's a bit misinterpreted. It was about casting off all gender roles. There's nothing wrong with a man holding a door open for a girl. But we sort of threw away all the rules, so everybody's confused. And dating becomes a sloppy, uncomfortable, unpleasant thing.

Tags: Dating, Girl  ✍ Author: Zosia Mamet

I feel increasingly like age is very irrelevant. Quite often, cynicism is confused with wisdom, and my scorn is confused with a knowing, which I don't have.

Tags: Age, Wisdom  ✍ Author: Laura Marling

Age is relative. Experience is relative. And I think often intensity is confused with maturity.

Tags: Age, Experience  ✍ Author: Laura Marling

Today, Democrats not only have the White House; they have the Senate too. So we have to be realistic about what we can and cannot achieve, while at the same recognizing that realism should never be confused with capitulation.

Tags: Cannot, Today  ✍ Author: Mitch McConnell

Throughout my life, I have grappled with my own identity, who I am. As a young child, I often felt ambivalent about myself, in fact, confused.

Tags: Life, Young  ✍ Author: James McGreevey

What's universal is the texture of our relationships. It's evolving. Times are changing with the women's movement. Men's roles are being redefined and, in some ways, they're confused.

Tags: Men, Women  ✍ Author: Terry McMillan

Every time I do a play, it's as if I've never done one before. I'm always confused. I always am convinced I'm going to be fired. I'm like, 'I don't remember how to act. I don't know how to do this.' And, it's just a very slow process, and then, all of a sudden, it's just there one day. I still don't understand how it happens.

Tags: Done, Time  ✍ Author: Cristin Milioti

I've said things and meant them, but I'm obviously a very confused person who has no idea how they feel about things.

Tags: Idea, Said  ✍ Author: Sienna Miller

I hate it when I'm reading a comic, and the dialogue looks like stickers stuck on top to explain what's going on. For me the best is when your eye goes in a certain point and moves through the composition and then springs out on the dialogue, or gets confused in the image and then goes to the dialogue for an explanation.

Tags: Best, Hate  ✍ Author: Little Milton

If you are sure you understand everything that is going on, you are hopelessly confused.

Tags: Sure, Understand  ✍ Author: Walter F. Mondale

Your body has something in the neighborhood of 40 trillion cells - quite a consulting committee. Call on it when you're confused or undecided. Relax quietly and ask your body what it has to say.

Tags: Ask, Body  ✍ Author: Nick Moran

The more vulnerable and the more confused the song is, the equal and opposite effect is how I feel after having written it.

Tags: After, Song  ✍ Author: Alanis Morissette

I like to cook, but mostly Greek. When I am confused or tired, I think about what I can cook. It takes you away from everything, as you are thinking only of your dish.

Tags: Thinking, Tired  ✍ Author: Nana Mouskouri

Perhaps misguided moral passion is better than confused indifference.

Tags: Moral, Passion  ✍ Author: Iris Murdoch
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