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Heather O'Rourke's Profile

Brief about Heather O'Rourke: By info that we know Heather O'Rourke was born at 1975-12-27. And also Heather O'Rourke is American Actress.

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I did a picture for the First Barbie doll box.

Tags: Barbie, Box, Picture

I have a St. Bernard named B.

Tags: Named

I pretend something scary is in front of me.

Tags: Front, Pretend, Scary

I read mysteries like Nancy Drew and Alfred Hitchcock, and I swim and I ride my motorbike.

Tags: Read, Ride, Swim

Math - it's not my best subject.

Tags: Best, Math, Subject

My Panasonic typewriter can make graphs. It types in four different colors.

Tags: Colors, Four, Types

My parents put everything in a trust fund for me. I won't get it until I'm 18, so I'll use it for college.

Tags: Parents, Put, Trust

The beast is not dead.

Tags: Beast, Dead

They used a doll when I fall through the ceiling.

Tags: Doll, Fall, Used

Nothing prepared me for the loss of my mother. Even knowing that she would die did not prepare me.

Tags: Die, Mother, She

One of the ideas I've clung to most of my life is that if I just try hard enough it will work out.

Tags: Hard, Life, Work

The truth is, I need to experience my mother's presence in the world around me and not just in my head.

Tags: Experience, Mother, Truth

There is always tension in women's gymnastics between athleticism, grace, performance, and eros.

Tags: Between, Grace, Women

What's endlessly complicated in thinking about women's gymnastics is the way that vulnerability and power are threaded through the sport.

Tags: Power, Thinking, Women

Writing has always been the primary way I make sense of the world.

Tags: Primary, Sense, Writing

But there is a discomfort that surrounds grief. It makes even the most well-intentioned people unsure of what to say. And so many of the freshly bereaved end up feeling even more alone.

Tags: Alone, End, Feeling

I envy my Jewish friends the ritual of saying kaddish - a ritual that seems perfectly conceived, with its built-in support group and its ceremonious designation of time each day devoted to remembering the lost person.

Tags: Envy, Saying, Time

I think about my mother every day. But usually the thoughts are fleeting - she crosses my mind like a spring cardinal that flies past the edge of your eye: startling, luminous, lovely... gone.

Tags: Mind, Mother, Past

It's all too easy when talking about female gymnasts to fall into the trap of infantilizing them, spending more time worrying more about female vulnerability than we do celebrating female strength.

Tags: Easy, Strength, Time

My mother died of metastatic colorectal cancer shortly before three P.M. on Christmas Day of 2008. I don't know the exact time of her death, because none of us thought to look at a clock for a while after she stopped breathing.

Tags: Death, Time