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Henry Louis Gates's Profile

Brief about Henry Louis Gates: By info that we know Henry Louis Gates was born at 1950-09-16. And also Henry Louis Gates is American Critic.

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I knew that there were black people in Africa, of course, unfortunately because of movies such as 'Tarzan.'

Tags: Black, Knew, Movies

I think that the implication of King's assassination has not been fully appreciated.

Tags: Fully, King

I want to get into the educational DNA of American culture. I want 10 percent of the common culture, more or less, to be black.

Tags: American, Black, Less

I'm a tech geek.

Tags: Geek, Tech

I'm a tech geek. Whenever I read about something new, I think to myself, How can I take this and make it black?

Tags: Black, Read, Whenever

I'm looking forward to the time when we all look like Polynesians.

Tags: Forward, Looking, Time

In America one drop of black ancestry makes you black.

Tags: America, Black, Makes

In fact, the class divide in the black community is now seen by some as a permanent aspect of our existence.

Tags: Black, Fact, Seen

It turns out one of my ancestors fought in the Continental Army, so I was inducted into the Sons of the American Revolution.

Tags: American, Army, Revolution

It's fascinating how life works.

Tags: Life, Works

It's no surprise that White people say things when they are together about Black people.

Tags: Black, Surprise, Together

Lincoln had a tremendous capacity for personal growth - more than any other American President.

Tags: American, Growth, Personal

Lincoln would love the fact that Obama is such a great conciliator, trying to transcend ideology.

Tags: Great, Love, Trying

My brother and I had a really privileged relationship with my parents... They treated us like adults.

Tags: Brother, Parents, Treated

My father and I made genetics history. We were the first African-Americans and the first father and son anywhere to have their genomes sequenced.

Tags: Father, History, Son

My father lived to be 97 and played bridge every day up to the end, so I've got a 50 percent chance of living a long life like him.

Tags: End, Father, Life

My father was the funniest man I ever met. He made Redd Foxx look like an undertaker.

Tags: Father, Funniest, Undertaker

My goal is to get everybody in America to do their family tree.

Tags: America, Family, Goal

My grandfather was coloured, my father was Negro, and I am Black.

Tags: Black, Coloured, Father

One must learn how to be black in America.

Tags: America, Black, Learn

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