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Henry Pelham's Profile

Brief about Henry Pelham: By info that we know Henry Pelham was born at 1970-01-01. And also Henry Pelham is British Statesman.

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The House of Commons is a great unwieldy body, which requires great Art and some Cordials to keep it loyal.

Tags: Art, Great, Keep

On 'Paranormal Activity,' it worked to my advantage not to have much of a crew, but on a bigger movie, where you have to work with a larger group of people who basically become your second family for a few months, it can be a great experience. Even though all of my projects are small scale compared to most Hollywood productions.

Tags: Family, Great, Work

One of the advantages of this found footage format is that you can have deliberately badly composed frames. Here we can put a camera in the weirdest angle and it kind of throws you off. You never know what you are supposed to be paying attention to. It's deliberate chaos.

Tags: Here, Off, Put

Our lives are pretty calm. Merging on the freeway in the closest you get to risking your life. So what's missing now is that primal emotion of being scared to death, and I think that's why people crave thrills like roller coasters or scary movies. They give you the chance to feel this very primal emotion in a very controlled environment.

Tags: Death, Life, Movies

'Paranormal Activity' was a unique project in that I made it basically on my own, with a little help, and I had no exposure to the filmmaking world when I made it.

Tags: Help, Project, Unique

The most pressure I felt was for the first 'Paranormal Activity,' because when it was released, whether it was going to be a hit or not, I knew it was going to be a life-altering event for me.

Tags: Felt, Knew, Whether

The thing I find really scary about ghosts and demons is that you don't really know what they are or where they are. They're not very well understood. You don't know what they want from you. So it's the kind of thing you don't even know how to defend yourself against. Anything that's unknown and mysterious is very scary.

Tags: Against, Unknown, Yourself

The thing that scares me is a place like the Amazon - which is the size of the continental U.S. and mostly unexplored and has a different ecosystem, there are so many things in there that can kill you.

Tags: Ecosystem, Place, Size

There is so much misinformation out there. If you give people even a little bit, it gets blown out of proportion then you have to go put out fires. So it's much easier to say, 'No comment.'

Tags: Bit, Give, Put

In many cases your imagination is much more effective than what can be shown. It primes you to know something is about to happen - the anticipation and anxiety is worse than what ends up happening.

Tags: Anxiety, Happen, Worse

Almost any movie, no matter how original, is borrowing from some other movies.

Tags: Almost, Matter, Movies

By trade, I am a software programmer, so I never really had any experience with movies before. I started out with 'Paranormal Activity.'

Tags: Experience, Movies, Started

Don't know if I'm a nerd - I'm more of a geek.

Tags: Geek, Nerd

I'm pretty content with what I have, but the one thing that I don't have is something like the iPod - but PC-based. I think that would be cool.

Tags: Content, Cool, Pretty

It's always about finding the right balance between answering some questions and raising new ones to keep your story going.

Tags: Balance, Between, Keep

Not knowing the thing that's chasing you is a lot scarier than seeing it right in front of you.

Tags: Front, Knowing, Seeing

The less people know about 'Paranormal Activity,' the more they enjoy it.

Tags: Activity, Enjoy, Less

After I watched 'The Exorcist' I refused to watch any other movie that had anything to do with ghosts or demons. I didn't even watch 'Ghostbusters' until I was much older.

Tags: After, Older, Until

Even if you look at the 'Paranormal Activity' movies, at the end of the movie things get really crazy and nutty, but they all start in a very mundane situation that people can relate to, and that's also to some degree what we tried to do in 'Chernobyl Diaries.'

Tags: Crazy, End, Movies

Even when I was making the first 'Paranormal Activity,' I didn't tell anyone I was making it, not my friends or neighbors or co-workers. I just kind of found that there was nothing to gain by announcing to the world that you're doing something.

Tags: Friends, Making, Tell

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