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Michael Pena's Profile

Brief about Michael Pena: By info that we know Michael Pena was born at 1976-01-13. And also Michael Pena is American Actor.

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A good comic explores the imagination, but it's always got to have those notes of truth running through it.

Tags: Good, Running, Truth

I grew up reading the newspapers, mostly the sports section. I was a wrestler and would check to see if I was ranked.

Tags: Check, Reading, Sports

I think writing is the most underrated thing in Hollywood.

Tags: Hollywood, Underrated, Writing

I want to do more sci-fi films. I want to play half-alien, half-illegal alien.

Tags: Alien, Films

I've always noticed that girls cry way easier than guys do.

Tags: Cry, Guys, Noticed

It's so interesting to watch Ben Stiller work because he just knows what's funny.

Tags: Funny, Knows, Work

I guess people recognize me, but I'm not a household name. Two out of every five people who come up to me know my name. The one thing I don't want is to be followed by paparazzi.

Tags: Five, Guess, Name

I used to tour with this band. I was a drummer. I would tour a bunch for about 10 months out of the year and act for about two months. I would make what I needed from acting and would stretch it out.

Tags: Acting, Used, Year

I'm just an actor. If it's drama, I add as much humour as the part will stand. And if it's a comedy, add as much drama as you can, so it balances out; you don't wanna be too serious.

Tags: Comedy, Serious, Stand

My first ten years in Hollywood were really tough. I'd be coaching friends who came to me for acting advice, and then they'd make it before I did. I'd still be helping them while they were on movie sets and I had four lines on a TV show.

Tags: Advice, Friends, Tough

The joy of 'Crash' was that it was all about the work. It was my first real part. Before that, it was a line here and there, maybe a scene. 'Crash' was five scenes, a beautiful arc, a little vignette of my own. It really meant something.

Tags: Beautiful, Real, Work

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