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Honor Blackman's Profile

Brief about Honor Blackman: By info that we know Honor Blackman was born at 1927-12-12. And also Honor Blackman is British Actress.

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South Africa is the most beautiful country I have been to. Canada is also hugely underrated.

Tags: Africa, Beautiful, Country

My father was in the civil service. I can remember standing in a bus shelter in the pouring rain, and that we were allowed candy floss at the end of the holiday if we had behaved.

Tags: End, Father, Rain

Apart from anything else, I find boots are too hot except in wintry weather. At home I usually wear a sweater, shirt and slacks.

Tags: Else, Home, Weather

Female television viewers paid attention to Catherine Gale.

Tags: Attention, Paid, Television

I hate everything about airports from getting there to taking off.

Tags: Getting, Hate, Off

I'm the slowest reader in the world, because I perform it all in my head.

Tags: Head, Perform, Reader

I'm told leather drives men up the wall. I like wearing it because it because it feels nice.

Tags: Feels, Men, Nice

I'm very fond of Norfolk. My husband came from there and the kids love it. Devon is beautiful, too.

Tags: Beautiful, Husband, Love

In fact, I'll be taking a lot of Cathy Gale with me. I expect that was why I was chosen for the part.

Tags: Expect, Fact, Why

No More Avengers! There's nothing new to get out of it - I want to go forward, not backward.

Tags: Avengers, Backward, Forward

Really, in a way, I took over the male role.

Tags: Male, Role, Took

There have been plenty of very bare hotels with couples humping next door. I don't stay in very grand hotels.

Tags: Door, Next, Stay

I've travelled around the UK a lot recently and have discovered that I really like trains. If you're in the quiet carriage, nobody can get hold of you and you can relax.

Tags: Hold, Nobody, Quiet

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