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Im Dong-Hyun's Profile

Brief about Im Dong-Hyun: By info that we know Im Dong-Hyun was born at 1986-05-12. And also Im Dong-Hyun is South Korean Athlete.

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If I couldn't see the colors, now that would be a problem.

Tags: Colors, Problem

Archery requires very sensitive muscles.

Tags: Archery, Muscles, Sensitive

For me, seeing the target and not seeing the target doesn't make any difference.

Tags: Difference, Seeing, Target

I had a strong desire to become an archer from the very first time I tried it. I forgot my other ambitions. I just wanted to compete in the Olympics.

Tags: Become, Strong, Time

I try not to push myself too hard, but I also need to perform and earn the results.

Tags: Hard, Results, Try

I've had some surgery and shoulder problems.

Tags: Problems, Shoulder, Surgery

When I look down the range at the target all I can do is try to distinguish between the different colors.

Tags: Between, Colors, Try

Archery is not a sport for everyone. The equipment costs a lot, and it is not easy for everyone to find a place to play. It is perhaps similar to golf, but of course there are more golf courses than archery fields.

Tags: Easy, Everyone, Place

I used to play football at school, and I enjoyed really physical sports, but I now try to avoid any sports that might build up different muscles. That might have a negative impact on my archery.

Tags: Football, School, Sports
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