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Shoulder Quotes

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Put your shoulder to the wheel.

Tags: Put, Wheel  ✍ Author: Sade Adu

Eric Clapton always wanted to come out onstage with a stuffed parrot on his shoulder.

Tags: Parrot, Wanted  ✍ Author: Neil Innes

We came in today with a chip on our shoulder to prove who we are.

Tags: Prove, Today  ✍ Author: Bill Laimbeer

I was always suspicious and looking over my shoulder because that's how I was raised.

Tags: Looking, Suspicious  ✍ Author: Johann Heinrich Lambert

In badminton, they use a lot from the wrist. But I use a lot from the shoulder.

Tags: Badminton, Wrist  ✍ Author: Li Na

Yeah, I have animosity, a chip on my shoulder. But I love, too.

Tags: Love, Yeah  ✍ Author: Yelawolf

I can pull a bone out of my shoulder and dislocate it.

Tags: Bone, Pull  ✍ Author: Kylie Bax

I have a huge chip on my shoulder.

Tags: Chip, Huge  ✍ Author: Eric Church

One person doesn't have to shoulder all the responsibility for why a film does or doesn't do well.

Tags: Film, Why  ✍ Author: Kevin Costner

I had to have shoulder reconstruction.

 ✍ Author: Daniel Craig

Most of the hits I take come on top of the shoulder pads.

Tags: Hits, Top  ✍ Author: Eric Dickerson

I've had some surgery and shoulder problems.

Tags: Problems, Surgery  ✍ Author: Im Dong-Hyun

America I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel.

Tags: America, Wheel  ✍ Author: Allen Ginsberg

I still wear minis and cardigans, but I think I'll steer away from shoulder pads.

Tags: Away, Wear  ✍ Author: Susanna Hoffs

Shoulder the sky, my lad, and drink your ale.

Tags: Drink, Sky  ✍ Author: A. E. Housman

If you're a competitive person, that stays with you. You don't stop. You always look over your shoulder.

Tags: Stays, Stop  ✍ Author: Magic Johnson

They think because I'm small, they can do what they want to do to me. But I'm not weak. If I lower my shoulder and they lower they're shoulder, they're going to go down.

Tags: Small, Weak  ✍ Author: Michael Johnson

I looked at my shoulder and saw a javelin stuck in it. I was in shock.

Tags: Shock, Stuck  ✍ Author: Roman Sebrle

A lot of people thought I was going to be a one-hit wonder, so I had that chip on my shoulder.

Tags: Thought, Wonder  ✍ Author: Bubba Sparxxx

If you're good, you're always looking over your shoulder.

Tags: Good, Looking  ✍ Author: Bruce Springsteen

Responsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them.

Tags: Gravitate  ✍ Author: Tom Stoppard

I like to believe that I've got a lot of guardian warriors sittin' on my shoulder including my dad.

Tags: Dad, Warriors  ✍ Author: Patrick Swayze

I don't feel the breath of a thousand people over my shoulder.

Tags: Breath, Thousand  ✍ Author: Meg White

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