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Jeff Hawkins's Profile

Brief about Jeff Hawkins: By info that we know Jeff Hawkins was born at 1957-06-01. And also Jeff Hawkins is American Inventor.

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If you look at the history of big obstacles in understanding our world, there's usually an intuitive assumption underlying them that's wrong.

Tags: Big, History, Wrong

A lot of America's success is because we're an open society and haven't brought dogma or religious influence into the American political process.

Tags: Political, Society, Success

Although it requires some adjustment by those already here, immigration has made the U.S.A. the most prosperous nation on Earth.

Tags: Earth, Here, Nation

Annexation is probably the most valuable tool a city has to ensure orderly growth and development.

Tags: City, Growth, Valuable

At times in the past, the U.S. did not restrict the number of immigrants.

Tags: Number, Past, Times

I do two things. I design mobile computers and I study brains.

Tags: Computers, Design, Study

Prediction by analogy -creativity - is so pervasive we normally don't notice it.

Tags: Analogy, Notice, Prediction

Prediction is not just one of the things your brain does. It is the primary function of the neo-cortex, and the foundation of intelligence.

Tags: Brain, Foundation, Function

The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation.

Tags: Artificial, Key

You and I are streaming data engines.

Tags: Data, Engines, Streaming

And, you know, the fact is, if you believe in evolution, we all have a common ancestor, and we all have a common ancestry with the plant in the lobby. This is what evolution tells us. And, it's true. It's kind of unbelievable.

Tags: Common, Fact, True

'Dream Act' kids are like all other American kids, with the exception that they have to work harder to excel in school, they live in fear of deportation, and they worry about their future.

Tags: Fear, Future, Work

In grade school I was taught that the United States is a melting pot. People from all over the world come here for freedom and to pursue a better life. They arrive with next to nothing, work incredibly hard, learn a new language and new customs, and in a generation they become an integral part of our amazing nation.

Tags: Freedom, Life, Work

Our bodies are hanging along for the ride, but my brain is talking to your brain. And if we want to understand who we are and how we feel and perceive, we really understand what brains are.

Tags: Brain, Talking, Understand

Whatever the difference between brilliant and average brains, we are all creative. And through practice and study we can enhance our skills and talents.

Tags: Between, Creative, Study

You can't imagine how much detail we know about brains. There were 28,000 people who went to the neuroscience conference this year, and every one of them is doing research in brains. A lot of data. But there's no theory. There's a little, wimpy box on top there.

Tags: Research, Top, Year

Like all citizens, Ms. McNeill has the right to be free from unlawful employment practices such as sex discrimination and retaliation.

Tags: Free, Sex

Our ships, God be thanked, have received little hurt.

Tags: God, Hurt, Ships

The men have long been unpaid and need relief.

Tags: Men, Relief, Unpaid

This kind of prelude was succeeded by the concerto itself which he executed with a degree of spirit and firmness that no one has ever pretended to equal.

Tags: Degree, Equal, Spirit
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