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Jim Toomey's Profile

Brief about Jim Toomey: By info that we know Jim Toomey was born at 1960-12-26. And also Jim Toomey is American Cartoonist.

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My imagination was no competition for nature.

Tags: Nature

I'm a big diver. I like to dive when I travel, and my last dive was in the Galapagos. I used to live in San Francisco and I would dive all the time in Monterey.

Tags: Big, Time, Travel

I've always admired sharks because they have a dimension of intelligence that is somewhat unique to that animal, and especially a great white. A great white has this organ called an ampullae of Lorenzini, and it can actually sense electromagnetic disturbances.

Tags: Great, Sense, Unique

I've been doing the 'Sherman's Lagoon' strip for about 18 years, and I was a political cartoonist before that for my hometown paper in Alexandria, Va.

Tags: Hometown, Paper, Political

Sometimes making a story is as easy as putting two characters in a room and seeing what happens. So, imagine a great white shark and a giant squid in the same bathroom.

Tags: Easy, Great, Sometimes
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