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John Bolton's Profile

Brief about John Bolton: By info that we know John Bolton was born at 1948-11-20. And also John Bolton is American Statesman.

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I'm a conservative Republican. I have been since I was 15 years old and participated in the 'Goldwater for President' campaign in 1964.

Tags: Old, President, Since

I'm not running around the world looking for ways to create hostilities.

Tags: Create, Looking, Ways

I'm not sure history has ended.

Tags: Ended, History, Sure

I've been in the government bureaucracy, I've practiced law, I've done a lot of different things.

Tags: Done, Government, Law

I've been surrounded by some of the best economic minds in the country, and hopefully I've absorbed some of that.

Tags: Best, Country, Minds

I've never attended any Tea Party functions.

Tags: Attended, Party, Tea

If Iran obtains nuclear weapons, then almost certainly Saudi Arabia will do the same, as will Egypt, Turkey and perhaps others in the region.

Tags: Almost, Others, Perhaps

It's not natural disasters that are to blame for the deprivation of the North Korean people, but the failed policies of Kim Jong Il.

Tags: Blame, Failed, Natural

It's very personal in its politics, very bitter and very negative.

Tags: Negative, Personal, Politics

Maybe it's my libertarian philosophy: but being in government is hard.

Tags: Government, Hard, Philosophy

My priority is to give the United States the kind of influence it should have.

Tags: Give, Influence, United

North Korea is going to get away with keeping its nuclear weapons.

Tags: Away, Nuclear, Weapons

Obviously, you make preparations before you engage in any meeting.

Tags: Engage, Meeting, Obviously

People don't like to talk about victory and defeat anymore.

Tags: Defeat, Talk, Victory

People say you favor assassination, what do you think war is? Except that it's assassination on a much larger scale, a much more horrific scale.

Tags: Except, Favor, War

Politicians, like generals, have a tendency to fight the last war.

Tags: Fight, Last, War

Reform is not a one-night stand.

Tags: Reform, Stand

The Nobel Peace Prize has become hopelessly politicized. I think it cheapens the prize itself.

Tags: Become, Peace, Prize

The U.N. is one of many competitors in a marketplace of global problem solving.

Tags: Global, Problem, Solving

There is no excuse for waste, fraud, and abuse in the Defense Department budget.

Tags: Abuse, Budget, Waste
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