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Jonathan Frid's Profile

Brief about Jonathan Frid: By info that we know Jonathan Frid was born at 1924-12-02. And also Jonathan Frid is Canadian Actor.

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To me, horror is when I see somebody lying. I mean a person I know. A friend. And he's telling me something that I accept. And then suddenly, as he or she is telling it, there's something that gives them away. They're not telling me the truth.

Tags: Friend, Mean, Truth

All fame ever does for you is get attention for the work you really want to do.

Tags: Attention, Fame, Work

I have this cozy house here and I get three pensions from the States. I've done nicely.

Tags: Done, Here, Three

I toured Ontario in the winter of '48, in a touring company of The Drunkard, in which I played the bartender.

Tags: Company, Played, Winter

I'm an old curmudgeon and I know it.

Tags: Old

I'm interested in villainy.

Tags: Interested, Villainy

It took so much of the tension out of me that my friends and family won't see me on this show.

Tags: Family, Friends, Show

The best theatre I've done, I've done right here in this living room.

Tags: Best, Done, Living

I'm constantly watching people. Watching their strengths and weaknesses. I find myself going into theater less and less, let alone horror. I gave that up when I was seven or eight years old.

Tags: Alone, Less, Old

If you have millions of dollars you are not going to get to continue doing what you want. You are into a world of commitment to that money and all the people that helped you get that money.

Tags: Commitment, Continue, Money

People think I should be a multi-millionaire if I had gotten the right contract. I'm not getting anything for all that commercial stuff they do. But I would have had to pay for that.

Tags: Getting, Pay, Stuff

Twice I had been stopped by these jobs, and I thought the role on Dark Shadows would go on for about three or four weeks. And then, the phenomenon began, the role caught on, the mail started to flood in.

Tags: Dark, Thought, Three

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