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Kamal Ahmed's Profile

Brief about Kamal Ahmed: By info that we know Kamal Ahmed was born at 1966-05-07. And also Kamal Ahmed is American Comedian.

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Of, course it always cheers a news editor when a story has what we describe as 'legs' therefore it, erm, runs.

Tags: Describe, News, Story

Ah, the pleasure, the joy - a big news story that runs and runs, that is played down by some of our journalistic colleagues, saying 'it'll never happen', only to be confirmed by the Home Secretary.

Tags: Happen, Home, Saying

As we saw in the Queen's Speech, anti-social behaviour - a phenomenon that I believe to be a genuine worry that is also being fed by a lot of scare stories - is the political theme of the moment.

Tags: Moment, Political, Worry
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