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Kenneth Edmonds's Profile

Brief about Kenneth Edmonds: By info that we know Kenneth Edmonds was born at 1958-04-10. And also Kenneth Edmonds is American Musician.

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I would say that I've been lucky. Being blessed and not really ever giving up.

Tags: Blessed, Giving, Lucky

You can find a diamond in the rough a lot of times.

Tags: Diamond, Rough, Times

But a lot of the old fans are listening to a lot of the younger music. So I gotta keep moving forward, and they'll move forward too.

Tags: Forward, Moving, Music

Commercial music, for the most part, is popular music and you always have to keep that in mind.

Tags: Keep, Mind, Music

I could easily not be the person that people know.

Tags: Easily

I don't go to that many Broadway shows, so I can't really say anything.

Tags: Broadway, Shows

I don't necessarily want people to know all my intimate feelings about Tracey.

Tags: Feelings, Intimate

I enjoy music that is commercial.

Tags: Commercial, Enjoy, Music

I still write the same way and have the same perspective.

Tags: Write

I think that in order for music to be heard in a lot of different situations you have to always consider that.

Tags: Heard, Music, Order

I usually prepare a track and then I work with the artist when it's time to do the vocals.

Tags: Artist, Time, Work

I'm continuing to produce and will start a new record soon, as well.

Tags: Continuing, Soon, Start

It might be a huge hit, it might not; but you learn something doing it.

Tags: Hit, Learn, Might

It's about finding great artists and being part of their careers.

Tags: Artists, Finding, Great

It's like spicy food - sometimes you have to tone it down so more people can enjoy it.

Tags: Enjoy, Food, Sometimes

The Internet is a whole new world opening up.

Tags: Internet, Opening, Whole

The most exciting thing for all of us is movies and movie stars.

Tags: Movie, Movies, Stars

The reality is, some people don't want you to change or go anywhere different.

Tags: Anywhere, Change, Reality

The whole process of this record was an education for me as a musician.

Tags: Education, Process, Whole

There's artists that I'm working with on a new label of mine. Foxy Nova and Supa Nova.

Tags: Artists, Mine, Working

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