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Lana Wood's Profile

Brief about Lana Wood: By info that we know Lana Wood was born at 1946-03-01. And also Lana Wood is American Actress.

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I still have never met Harry Saltzman, and was told he is quite unpleasant.

Tags: Harry, Met, Quite

No, I never ever considered myself attractive.

Tags: Attractive, Considered

I think I was only divorced once, and the rest were annulments. Or, maybe not. I can't keep track actually, because it's not that important. I just am who I am.

Tags: Actually, Keep, Once

I went through my whole life wanting to feel I belonged. I was very, very lonely, so I would marry people that I wasn't really in love with, and who weren't right for me, because I hoped they would be.

Tags: Life, Lonely, Love