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Larry Hovis's Profile

Brief about Larry Hovis: By info that we know Larry Hovis was born at 1936-02-20. And also Larry Hovis is American Musician.

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Any competent actor could have done what I did.

Tags: Actor, Competent, Done

At some point, you've got to realize, you're either a leading man or you're not.

Tags: Either, Point, Realize

I didn't equate a POW camp with a concentration camp.

Tags: Camp, Equate, Pow

I had to be sure we were doing something tasteful.

Tags: Sure, Tasteful

I was probably never going to get to do the kind of things dramatically that I really wanted to do, so I returned to theater from time to time, and to write, and produce. It's by no means sour grapes.

Tags: Time, Wanted, Write

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