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Do you realize the responsibility I carry? I'm the only person standing between Richard Nixon and the White House.

Tags: Between, House  ✍ Author: John F. Kennedy

Politics I supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

Tags: Close, Politics  ✍ Author: Ronald Reagan

Much like the conservationists who previously have received the Audubon Medal, including Stewart Udall, Rachel Carson and Ted Turner, I realize that this recognition cannot be a cause to rest, but a spur to continue our work.

Tags: Cannot, Work  ✍ Author: Louis Bacon

I realize I stare at everyone, especially when I'm walking down the street. I'm just a curious person.

Tags: Everyone, Street  ✍ Author: Penn Badgley

I think we all realized that we had really been replicating things that had already been happening. I don't know if we were smart enough to realize that we were in a cul-de-sac, but we were curious.

Tags: Enough, Smart  ✍ Author: Colin Baker

The one thing that disturbs me about Alec is that people don't realize that he's really funny.

Tags: Disturbs, Funny  ✍ Author: Daniel Baldwin

You never realize how short a month is until you pay alimony.

Tags: Short, Until  ✍ Author: John Barrymore

There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing.

Tags: Poetry, Soon  ✍ Author: John Cage

Traveling, you realize that differences are lost: each city takes to resembling all cities, places exchange their form, order, distances, a shapeless dust cloud invades the continents.

Tags: Lost, Travel  ✍ Author: Italo Calvino

It took me a long time to realize that you have to have a bit of an interlanguage with actors. You have to give them something that they can act with.

Tags: Give, Time  ✍ Author: James Cameron

What we are only now beginning to fully realize is that in seeking material pleasure too constantly, the capacity for enjoyment or fulfillment decreases and eventually becomes exhausted.

Tags: Beginning, Pleasure  ✍ Author: Alex Campbell

I'm always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize I'm listening to it.

Tags: Listening, Someone  ✍ Author: George Carlin

Cannot people realize how large an income is thrift?

Tags: Cannot, Large  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

The amount of piracy is extraordinary. People don't realize how big it is.

Tags: Big, Piracy  ✍ Author: Anton du Beke

Realize that if you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.

Tags: Complain, Time  ✍ Author: Al D\'Amato

It's important for people to realize I don't want to be the It guy. I want to crawl before I walk. I want to learn about things before I jump into them.

Tags: Learn, Walk  ✍ Author: Carson Daly

I've been a vegetarian for so long, I forgot how much I missed meat. You know you don't realize how important meat is to you until you don't have it for long time.

Tags: Time, Until  ✍ Author: Brittany Daniel

People don't realize that they're being played by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, but more so by the Democratic Party because the Democratic Party does not want another party in there.

Tags: Another, Republican  ✍ Author: Glenn Danzig

I've done a lot of things and I've been a lot of people, but now I've come to realize who I am.

Tags: Done  ✍ Author: Bobby Darin

At first, I didn't realize it was gonna be a character. I just thought I was gonna be doing me.

Tags: Character, Thought  ✍ Author: Larry David

It's an important point to realize that the genetic programming of our lives is not fully deterministic. It is statistical - it is in any animal merely statistical - not deterministic.

Tags: Lives, Point  ✍ Author: Richard Dawkins

You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.

Tags: Best, May  ✍ Author: Walt Disney

I realize I am very privileged. But there's a difference between being spoiled and privileged.

Tags: Between, Difference  ✍ Author: Christopher Eccleston

It took me a few years to realize that throwing harder wasn't always better.

Tags: Few, Took  ✍ Author: Dennis Eckersley

Now that I look back, I realize that a life predicated on being obedient and taking orders is a very comfortable life indeed. Living in such a way reduces to a minimum one's need to think.

Tags: Life, Living  ✍ Author: Adolf Eichmann
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Oh see, first off you gotta realize - everything for me is a reconstruction or deconstruction. I would actually say deconstruction. Mission: Impossible would be the exception. That would be a reconstruction- deconstruction.

Tags: Impossible, Off  ✍ Author: Danny Elfman

Most people don't realize turkeys are friendly, they're social, they're loyal, they have emotions.

Tags: Friendly, Social  ✍ Author: Shannon Elizabeth

People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.

Tags: Character, Opinion  ✍ Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's been interesting to see how similar audiences in the East and West are, actually, and how it makes you realize that when politicians emphasize the differences between our cultures, it's usually because it benefits them more so than us.

Tags: Between, Makes  ✍ Author: Asghar Farhadi

I've cut myself out... I've cut scenes out that I was in and that's when you realize that you've got to make the best movie you can.

Tags: Best, Movie  ✍ Author: Jon Favreau

A lot of people come to L.A. looking for something. What I came here for, I realize now, is to be okay with myself.

Tags: Here, Looking  ✍ Author: Craig Ferguson

I've found cinnamon to be very effective for lowering the glycemic response to meals. People have heard that before, but I didn't realize how profound it could be until I did the actual testing with continuous glucose monitors. And I tested all different varieties and species of cinnamon from Ceylon to Saigon.

Tags: Found, Until  ✍ Author: Timothy Ferriss

I absolutely realize that a celebrity spokesperson is not ideal.

Tags: Celebrity, Ideal  ✍ Author: Janeane Garofalo

The difficulties which I meet with in order to realize my existence are precisely what awaken and mobilize my activities, my capacities.

Tags: Meet, Order  ✍ Author: Jose Ortega y Gasset

The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others.

Tags: Love, Others  ✍ Author: Vincent Van Gogh

Once you've lost your privacy, you realize you've lost an extremely valuable thing.

Tags: Lost, Once  ✍ Author: Billy Graham

It didn't take long for the world to realize that the Shah was an enlightened liberal next to the bloody reactionary regime that followed, and which executed more people in three months than the Shah had done in 30 years.

Tags: Done, Three  ✍ Author: Alexander Haig

If they analyze the situation as thoroughly as they should, Muslims will realize they are the first targets. What are the fundamentalists really after? Simply taking over Islam and then turning its back on modernity.

Tags: After, Islam  ✍ Author: Alexander Haig

I understand it's my role to realize people's dreams.

Tags: Dreams, Understand  ✍ Author: Ayumi Hamasaki

It sounds odd coming from me, but I realize what I say and how I look has a great impact.

Tags: Coming, Great  ✍ Author: Ayumi Hamasaki

I don't think most teachers realize how much impact they have.

Tags: Impact, Teachers  ✍ Author: Scott Hamilton

I realize how talented our hair and wardrobe people are every time I have to get dressed on my own.

Tags: Hair, Time  ✍ Author: Jon Hamm

One of the things you realize with a lot of high achievers: You have to figure out a way to make things their idea.

Tags: High, Idea  ✍ Author: Hank Haney

The brutalities of progress are called revolutions. When they are over we realize this: that the human race has been roughly handled, but that it has advanced.

Tags: Human, Progress  ✍ Author: Victor Hugo

People don't always realize that a record is forever. It'll always be there under your name. You've got to be certain that it's right.

Tags: Forever, Name  ✍ Author: Frank Iero

I realize that protest paintings are not exactly in vogue, but I've done many.

Tags: Art, Done  ✍ Author: Robert Indiana

You get to the point in life where you realize you have to roll up your sleeves, deal with the consequences of what happens, and carry your own weight.

Tags: Life, Point  ✍ Author: Ernie Isley

Because I believe actually the more you do something, the less frightening it becomes because you start to realize the outcome is not as important as you think.

Tags: Less, Start  ✍ Author: Hugh Jackman

The older you are, I think you realize what you enjoy and what you don't need, what wears you out and what's important.

Tags: Enjoy, Older  ✍ Author: Alan Jackson

Their eagerness for the big-band music and their ability to grasp the essence of it made me realize that today's generation has not been properly exposed to the big-band sound.

Tags: Music, Today  ✍ Author: Illinois Jacquet

We don't realize how hard it was to drive anywhere outside the major cities less than a century ago.

Tags: Hard, Less  ✍ Author: Ken Jennings

I realize that I'm black, but I like to be viewed as a person, and this is everybody's wish.

Tags: Black, Wish  ✍ Author: Michael Jordan

Sometimes you need to get hit in the head to realize that you're in a fight.

Tags: Fight, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Michael Jordan

I want people to realize that the domestic abuse charges happened in 1989. I didn't meet any of them until 1993.

Tags: Meet, Until  ✍ Author: Kato Kaelin

People should realize that I shot a Coke commercial back in 1986. So, you know, I've been around a long time. I carry my Screen Actors Guild Card.

Tags: Carry, Time  ✍ Author: Kato Kaelin

Sometimes people who get wealthy when they are very, very young, it's a curse to them. They don't realize it.

Tags: Sometimes, Young  ✍ Author: Kato Kaelin

Do we not realize that self respect comes with self reliance?

Tags: Respect, Self  ✍ Author: Abdul Kalam

The safest nuclear power or energy policy is to realize 'zero nuclear power.'

Tags: Energy, Power  ✍ Author: Naoto Kan

We shall never understand the ethical system taught by Jesus unless we realize that he was a Jew, not only by birth, but that he lived and taught as a Jew; the Sermon on the Mount was addressed to his distracted fellow nationals.

Tags: Jesus, Understand  ✍ Author: Arthur Keith

That's the way things come clear. All of a sudden. And then you realize how obvious they've been all along.

Tags: Along, Clear  ✍ Author: Madeleine L\'Engle

The notion of time bothers me. You look at thirty-year-old photographs and realize how the time has passed.

Tags: Bothers, Time  ✍ Author: Christian Lacroix

I don't get a whole lot out of the romance thing, but I realize girls do. So I'll go out of my way to make them feel romanced.

Tags: Romance, Whole  ✍ Author: James Lafferty

I started to realize I wasn't like every other boy.

Tags: Boy, Started  ✍ Author: Adam Lambert

Congress should stop treating veterans like they're asking for a hand out when it comes to the benefits they were promised, and they should realize that, were it not for these veterans, there would be nothing to hand out.

Tags: Stop, Veterans  ✍ Author: Nick Lampson

Yeah, touring can get rough some times and draining, but I always have to pinch myself and realize that I'm doing what I love.

Tags: Love, Times  ✍ Author: Jonny Lang

When you have too much month for you paycheck, then what you need to do is realize that there is abundance all around you and focus on the abundance and not your lack and as night follows day abundance will come to you.

Tags: Focus, Night  ✍ Author: Virginia Madsen

I realize that things happen for a reason.

Tags: Happen, Reason  ✍ Author: Karl Malone

We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.

Tags: Forever, Time  ✍ Author: Nelson Mandela

Anybody intelligent enough to realize what America is, is not going to sit around and do nothing about it. They're going to be the same way that I am. They're going to be the same way our fans are. They're going to be pissed.

Tags: America, Enough  ✍ Author: Marilyn Manson

I think a lot of young people don't realize the price of fame is a lot higher than they imagine.

Tags: Fame, Young  ✍ Author: Naturi Naughton

I realize that much will be asked of me, yet I am resolved to accept it as a great and splendid task.

Tags: Accept, Great  ✍ Author: George Nethercutt

Realize that you can't make everyone happy.

Tags: Everyone, Happy  ✍ Author: Craig Newmark

I often feel, and ever more deeply I realize, that fate and character are the same conception.

Tags: Character, Often  ✍ Author: Novalis

It took me time to realize that the men who won Olympic gold medals in the decathlon are just men, just like me.

Tags: Men, Time  ✍ Author: Dan O\'Brien

When people realize that they have been forgiven of everything, it becomes a little bit easier for them to forgive others.

Tags: Forgive, Others  ✍ Author: Jennifer O\'Neill

When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself.

Tags: God, Talking  ✍ Author: Peter O\'Toole

We want everybody to act like adults, quit playing games, realize that it's not just my way or the highway.

Tags: Everybody, Playing  ✍ Author: Barack Obama

When you can imagine you begin to create and when you begin to create you realize that you can create a world that you prefer to live in, rather than a world that you're suffering in.

Tags: Rather, Suffering  ✍ Author: Ben Okri

Like most of the other teachers, I'd done a bit of teaching and we all think we're great at what we do, but you realize that normally you have an audience who are all onside, who all want to listen.

Tags: Done, Great  ✍ Author: Jamie Oliver

My advisers built a wall between myself and my people. I didn't realize what was happening. When I woke up, I had lost my people.

Tags: Between, Lost  ✍ Author: Mohammed Reza Pahlavi

You must realize that one day you will die. Until then you are worthless.

Tags: Die, Until  ✍ Author: Chuck Palahniuk

You realize you have no control over how you're perceived.

Tags: Control, Perceived  ✍ Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Jerry Bruckheimer creates comedy, he just doesn't realize because he's a turd.

Tags: Comedy, Jerry  ✍ Author: Trey Parker

So one thing that I want to do is to make people realize that astronauts in general are very normal people. They are down to Earth, so to speak. I know it sounds contradictive, but we are very normal people. We are very normal people with a fantastic privilege and opportunity to do something that is extraordinary.

Tags: Earth, Speak  ✍ Author: Luca Parmitano

My government will make efforts to realize the farming potential of rain-fed and dry land areas by ensuring healthy participation by all stakeholders and convergence of various government sponsored programs.

Tags: Government, Healthy  ✍ Author: Pratibha Patil

On a day when Osama bin Laden again threatened the United States and our allies, it is disturbing to realize that John Kerry neither recognizes nor understands the murderous ideology of our enemies and the threat they pose to our nation.

Tags: Again, Nation  ✍ Author: Marc Racicot

The parrot's so funny. He imitates me and I don't even realize he's doing it. I'm walking around the house talking to myself and whistling and the next day he's said something I've said... it's scary you know?

Tags: Funny, Said  ✍ Author: Mick Ralphs

One must be very particular about telling the truth. Through truth one can realize God.

Tags: God, Truth  ✍ Author: Ramakrishna

It has never been my object to record my dreams, just the determination to realize them.

Tags: Dreams, Object  ✍ Author: Man Ray

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

Tags: Communication, Others  ✍ Author: Tony Robbins

It is almost always a fault of one who loves not to realize when he ceases to be loved.

Tags: Almost, Loved  ✍ Author: Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.

Tags: Move, Strength  ✍ Author: Henry Rollins

I obviously have a knack for getting on paper what a lot of people have thought and didn't realize they thought. And they say, 'Hey, yeah!' And they like that.

Tags: Getting, Thought  ✍ Author: Andy Rooney

The feminists who are aware of the effects of patriarchy realize that we are all in the same boat from the dangers of patriarchy, and that the oppression of women is universal.

Tags: Oppression, Women  ✍ Author: Nawal El Saadawi

You realize mortality is everywhere.

Tags: Everywhere, Mortality  ✍ Author: Katey Sagal

I didn't realize how much people liked to bash SNL until I was on. I've always just liked it, and I've always watched it and been into it.

Tags: Liked, Until  ✍ Author: Andy Samberg

Cultural anthropology is more and more rapidly getting to realize itself as a strictly historical science.

Tags: Getting, Science  ✍ Author: Edward Sapir

You will suddenly realize that the reason you never changed before was because you didn't want to.

Tags: Changed, Reason  ✍ Author: Robert H. Schuller

We tend to look through language and not realize how much power language has.

Tags: Language, Power  ✍ Author: Deborah Tannen

I look at 'Death Proof' and realize I had too much time.

Tags: Death, Time  ✍ Author: Quentin Tarantino

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