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Lee Terry's Profile

Brief about Lee Terry: By info that we know Lee Terry was born at 1962-01-29. And also Lee Terry is American Politician.

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I am not a promoter of more laws, just better ones.

Tags: Laws, Promoter

It's the Law of God that gave the stability to Christian civilization.

Tags: Christian, God, Law

Let's use the opportunities before us to stand for Christ. If we will do, God himself will honor our efforts and America can be restored.

Tags: America, God, Honor

Most of the Ten Commandments are negative. The purpose of law is not to mandate good behavior. That concept comes from the French Revolution.

Tags: Good, Law, Revolution

So many Christian leaders have been so tepid or downright silent on the advance of the homosexual agenda.

Tags: Christian, Leaders, Silent

The early Church had nothing but the Old Testament. The New Testament lies hidden in the Old; the Old Testament lies open in the New.

Tags: Church, Lies, Old

The enemies of the Christian religion and the Law of God confuse law with faith.

Tags: Faith, God, Religion

The government forces you to give your money to things you don't believe in, to have your money go to projects that might be inherently immoral.

Tags: Give, Government, Money

The Law of God in the Christian religion is the schoolmaster that leads us to Christ.

Tags: God, Law, Religion

The Law of God reaches into every area of life, and it brings about incredible blessing and incredible freedom.

Tags: Freedom, God, Life

We are saved by grace, not by the works of the law. But don't be so quick to write the law off.

Tags: Law, Off, Write

We want every human being in the womb to be safe, not have these babies be killed to solve some dilemma.

Tags: Babies, Human, Safe

What kind of America do people want to leave for their children? What horrors are down the road, stuff that was unthinkable 30 years ago?

Tags: America, Children, Leave

You don't know how to love God and your neighbor unless you look to the law to define it.

Tags: God, Law, Love

I've traveled all over the country for years speaking in churches, teaching the Ten Commandments. It's amazing if 2 percent of any congregation knows the Ten Commandments.

Tags: Amazing, Country, Knows

It's interesting to note that all revolutionary literature was written by pastors. These guys were involved in a revolution against the mightiest power that the world had ever seen.

Tags: Against, Power, Revolution

We are not at the same place we were in 1973. This country today is drifting, moving steadily towards the pro-life position because the data is with us.

Tags: Country, Moving, Today

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Tags: Fool, Once, Shame

In a world without the law of God, you have chaos, oppression, tyranny, and everyone doing what is right in their own eyes.

Tags: Eyes, God, Law

Behaviors are a choice. Feelings are sometimes out of our control. Behavior has to do with choices.

Tags: Control, Feelings, Sometimes

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