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Lena Dunham's Profile

Brief about Lena Dunham: By info that we know Lena Dunham was born at 1986-05-13. And also Lena Dunham is American Actress.

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Everyone needs something from me.

Tags: Everyone, Needs

I am not a particularly political person, but, as a Tribeca resident, the commodification of September 11th is offensive to me.

Tags: Offensive, Political, September

I can play very annoying girl, very lost girl and then all the things in the spectrum between.

Tags: Between, Girl, Lost

I do think girls in their twenties accept certain kinds of lesser treatment than they would at other times in their lives.

Tags: Accept, Lives, Times

I don't really read reviews... That's not where my attention goes.

Tags: Attention, Goes, Read

I feel like I don't watch that many shows with death.

Tags: Death, Shows, Watch

I felt highly anxious in a way that I didn't think other children were.

Tags: Anxious, Children, Felt

I felt like my parents were always involved with abstraction, and I wanted to do something very specific.

Tags: Felt, Parents, Wanted

I find it really awkward to do a scene where I'm supposed to seem like I'm in love.

Tags: Awkward, Love, Seem

I guess I think about doing stuff that nobody else has done.

Tags: Done, Else, Stuff

I had always written. I had written stories and poems. Then I started writing plays.

Tags: Started, Writing, Written

I had no friends. I worried a lot.

Tags: Friends, Worried

I have an agent now.

Tags: Agent

I have to write people who feel honest but also push our cultural ball forward.

Tags: Forward, Honest, Write

I kind of look like every other girl, walking around.

Tags: Girl, Walking

I learned that people are much more game to mock their own personas than you would think.

Tags: Game, Learned, Mock

I love directing scenes that I'm not in because suddenly I really feel like a filmmaker which is a different thing.

Tags: Filmmaker, Love, Suddenly

I love what I do, I love every minute of it.

Tags: Love, Minute

I never start anything with a really overt, political, or even exactly artistic mission statement.

Tags: Mission, Political, Start

I never thought of myself as like, a funny person.

Tags: Funny, Thought

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