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Lenora Crichlow's Profile

Brief about Lenora Crichlow: By info that we know Lenora Crichlow was born at 1985-01-04. And also Lenora Crichlow is English Actress.

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Every girl's dream is to have two hot guys having a bit of a barney over you.

Tags: Dream, Girl, Hot

I love art, but I'm not an academic; I just like what I like.

Tags: Academic, Art, Love

Obviously because of my personal connection to Mandela and having had his story as part of my childhood, I knew how awesome he was.

Tags: Awesome, Personal, Story

I don't really follow fashion exactly, but I've always been very interested in the way that you present yourself as an expression of yourself, so that's my idea of fashion and style from a personal point of view.

Tags: Fashion, Personal, Yourself

I've always been interested in fashion, the clothes, but I'm not that familiar with the fashion industry; for me it just comes out of quite an innocent sense of style.

Tags: Fashion, Quite, Sense

There's nothing like meeting someone's family to get a true sense of them and a reflection of their ethics and personality. It just makes them a more rounded person.

Tags: Family, Someone, True

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