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My lab and academic work fill my day from about 9 am to 7 p.m. Then I zoom out the lens to work on my other writing.

Tags: Work, Writing  ✍ Author: Lawrence Eagleburger

If I had been a member of the academic establishment, I could have done other experiments.

Tags: Done, Member  ✍ Author: Albert Ellis

I have no academic qualifications whatsoever.

Tags: Whatsoever  ✍ Author: David Irving

Well, that was in 1995 when I resigned from my last academic job.

Tags: Job, Last  ✍ Author: Ralph Nader

There is much more to schools than buildings. There are academic activities, how it reaches the community and its proximity to other programs.

Tags: Community, Schools  ✍ Author: John Warner

If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic.

Tags: Else, Goes  ✍ Author: William Bernbach

I'm an academic. It's publish or perish.

Tags: Perish, Publish  ✍ Author: Daniel J. Bernstein

The academic area of new music or modern music festivals is not something which attracts me at all.

Tags: Modern, Music  ✍ Author: Gavin Bryars

My academic schedule is lighter this year because it's an Olympic year.

Tags: Schedule, Year  ✍ Author: Sasha Cohen

I love art, but I'm not an academic; I just like what I like.

Tags: Art, Love  ✍ Author: Lenora Crichlow

As an academic, this was not the lifestyle I had planned for myself. Now I see myself everywhere.

Tags: Everywhere, Lifestyle  ✍ Author: Ahmet Davutoglu

I don't believe in firing professors. They have academic freedom.

Tags: Freedom, Professors  ✍ Author: Alan Dershowitz

My academic identity is that of a folklorist, and for many years I have taught only folklore courses.

Tags: Identity, Taught  ✍ Author: Alan Dundes

Academia is a rarified culture, especially an Ivy League academic background.

Tags: Background, Culture  ✍ Author: Paul Giamatti

I come from an academic background. I wasn't raised to be into promoting myself.

Tags: Background, Promoting  ✍ Author: Heidi Heitkamp

You could mention my name in any hallway in any academic institution and you would have people foaming at the mouth.

Tags: Mouth, Name  ✍ Author: David Horowitz

I want to prove you don't need to have academic syntax to be intelligent.

Tags: Prove, Syntax  ✍ Author: Eddie Huang

My father was an academic, an eccentric. He was a lecturer.

Tags: Eccentric, Father  ✍ Author: Elizabeth McGovern

I was always more of an academic than a jock.

Tags: Jock  ✍ Author: Edwin Moses

Merit should count more than academic background.

Tags: Background, Count  ✍ Author: Lee Myung-bak

I tried to oppose the academic to the marketplace.

Tags: Oppose, Tried  ✍ Author: Ad Reinhardt

War is not an academic exercise.

Tags: Exercise, War  ✍ Author: Scott Ritter

I instantly chucked my academic ambitions and began writing fiction full-time.

Tags: Fiction, Writing  ✍ Author: Peter Straub

I'm a commercial person, not an academic.

Tags: Commercial  ✍ Author: Alan Sugar

I'm an artist, I'm not an academic folklorist.

Tags: Artist  ✍ Author: Simon Winchester
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