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Lesley Visser's Profile

Brief about Lesley Visser: By info that we know Lesley Visser was born at 1953-09-11. And also Lesley Visser is American Journalist.

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All the cameras shifted from the players to me.

Tags: Cameras, Players

Everything is working.

Tags: Working

For years, I stored my sweaters in the oven.

Tags: Oven, Stored, Sweaters

Guys do not have a genetic blueprint that allows them to understand or love sports.

Tags: Love, Sports, Understand

I don't know if everybody is ready to hear a woman tell them so-and-so is going to run off left tackle. But you know what? They're going to hear it.

Tags: Off, Tell, Woman

I went to the top of the Cotton Bowl by myself, sat down and cried.

Tags: Bowl, Sat, Top

I'm proud of my status as a pioneer in this business.

Tags: Business, Proud, Status

That I've lasted is one of my greatest accomplishments. Maybe my greatest.

Tags: Greatest, Lasted, Maybe

My schedule has slowed a little. I've cut back on some of my assignments. But I still have the enthusiasm for the sports world that I had 38 years ago.

Tags: Cut, Enthusiasm, Sports

What kept me going through all the years? More than anything, the love of and respect for competition. That's what it comes down to for me. That's why I do this.

Tags: Love, Respect, Why