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Lillie Langtry's Profile

Brief about Lillie Langtry: By info that we know Lillie Langtry was born at 1970-01-01. And also Lillie Langtry is British Actress.

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The sentimentalist ages far more quickly than the person who loves his work and enjoys new challenges.

Tags: Challenges, Far, Work

They saw me, those reckless seekers of beauty, and in a night I was famous.

Tags: Beauty, Famous, Night

Why in the world would anyone want to photograph an old woman like me?

Tags: Old, Why, Woman

Will I return to England? I don't know. I'll think it over.

Tags: England, Return

You wouldn't believe how the town was named for me. I was met by the whole population, headed by the mayor.

Tags: Population, Town, Whole

On one night of my debut the Prince of Wales, the Princess, and the duchess of London came to see me. They loved me for what I was and what I gave them.

Tags: Gave, Loved, Night

I do not regret one moment of my life.

Tags: Life, Moment, Regret

Anyone's life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit.

Tags: Happy, Life, Work

I am happy as happiness goes, for a woman who has so many memories and who lives the lonely life of an actress.

Tags: Happiness, Happy, Life

Sympathy is charming, but it does not make up for pain.

Tags: Charming, Pain, Sympathy

After being so bad I could hear the angels singing.

Tags: After, Bad, Hear

Feed the dogs. I hate to hear them barking like that.

Tags: Dogs, Hate, Hear

I have always been willing to take the blame for the things I have done.

Tags: Blame, Done, Willing

Anyone who limits her vision to memories of yesterday is already dead.

Tags: Dead, Her, Vision

I am a grandmother now, and that means age is creeping on, creeping on.

Tags: Age, Creeping, Means

I felt weary of the responsibility of owning houses and was glad enough to pass mine on to others.

Tags: Enough, Felt, Others

I found my interest lapse in both acting and racing.

Tags: Acting, Both, Found

I have known great things and wonderful persons, and I have known homage.

Tags: Great, Known, Wonderful

I know I am at the end. I shall never get better, dear.

Tags: Dear, End, Shall

I must hurry back to my house and my flowers in Monaco.

Tags: Flowers, House, Hurry
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