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With a growing population, there is a growing need for more water delivery and storage.

Tags: Growing, Water  ✍ Author: Joe Baca

We estimate that humanitarian agencies have access to about 350,000 vulnerable people in Darfur - only about one third of the estimated total population in need.

Tags: Third, Total  ✍ Author: Jan Egeland

You wouldn't believe how the town was named for me. I was met by the whole population, headed by the mayor.

Tags: Town, Whole  ✍ Author: Lillie Langtry

The point of our demographics is that we're not having as many children and the population is stagnant, if not declining. So without immigration, we're not going to have the population.

Tags: Children, Point  ✍ Author: Susan Oliver

Three-quarters of the world's population doesn't have enough to eat!

Tags: Eat, Enough  ✍ Author: Helen Reddy

A total of 1,580 people, the civilian population, suffered as a result of the bloody wave of terrorist acts that swept over Moscow and other towns and villages of our country.

Tags: Country, Result  ✍ Author: Boris Yeltsin

There is a segment of the American population that has been excluded from the national myth, and that should be redressed.

Tags: American, National  ✍ Author: Edward Zwick

As the population of Georgia increased dramatically, so did development.

Tags: Georgia, Increased  ✍ Author: Roy Barnes

The passion of the Italian or the Italian-American population is endless for food and lore and everything about it.

Tags: Food, Passion  ✍ Author: Mario Batali

Two new workers are being added to the population for every one job that is created.

Tags: Job, Workers  ✍ Author: Bob Beauprez

Television enjoys a de facto monopoly on what goes into the heads of a significant part of the population and what they think.

Tags: Goes, Television  ✍ Author: Pierre Bourdieu

Unfortunately, in war, there are casualties, including among the civilian population.

Tags: Among, War  ✍ Author: John O. Brennan

Do not compute the totality of your poultry population until all the manifestations of incubation have been entirely completed.

Tags: Totality, Until  ✍ Author: William Jennings Bryan

Our population is headed for a stable plateau, which means an aging population.

Tags: Aging, Means  ✍ Author: Emanuel Celler

The rate of population growth in the United States is slightly below that required to reproduce itself.

Tags: Growth, United  ✍ Author: Emanuel Celler

I support population control. I think USA should do the same.

Tags: Control, Support  ✍ Author: Alex Chiu

In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 per day.

Tags: Eliminate, Order  ✍ Author: Jacques Yves Cousteau

One in four children being victimized? That's about seven children in every classroom. That's a significant proportion of the population.

Tags: Children, Four  ✍ Author: Wendy Craig

The Sierra Club in the United States has now really come out for population control and reduction.

Tags: Control, United  ✍ Author: Susan George
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I have a lot of Japanese friends: I grew up in Vancouver, and there's this huge Japanese population over there.

Tags: Friends, Japanese  ✍ Author: Grimes

The optimum population is, then, less than the maximum.

Tags: Less, Maximum  ✍ Author: Garrett Hardin

The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.

Tags: Force, Masses  ✍ Author: Adolf Hitler

The world's richest half billion people - that's about seven per cent of the global population - are responsible for fifty per cent of the world's emissions.

Tags: Half, Seven  ✍ Author: Howard Hodgkin

We all worry about the population explosion, but we don't worry about it at the right time.

Tags: Time, Worry  ✍ Author: Art Hoppe

We must remember, too, that the Russian population of the Caucasus are to a large extent Muslims, and the areas such as Georgia which have aspirations of their own.

Tags: Large, Remember  ✍ Author: Aly Khan

I have just joined the Board of the Population Institute because I am convinced that early stabilization of the world's population is important for the attainment of this objective.

Tags: Convinced, Early  ✍ Author: Walter Kohn

Iranians hate Arabs. They're a fairly well-educated population and they have centuries of experience with self-government.

Tags: Experience, Hate  ✍ Author: Michael Ledeen

Population, when unchecked, goes on doubling itself every 25 years or increases in a geometrical ratio.

Tags: Environmental, Goes  ✍ Author: Thomas Malthus

Population, when unchecked, increases in a geometrical ratio.

Tags: Increases, Ratio  ✍ Author: Thomas Malthus

All I claimed was that when a drastic change occurs, it occurs in a relatively small and isolated population.

Tags: Change, Small  ✍ Author: Ernst Mayr

Reaching out to Hispanics is critical to our future. The fastest-growing, and most conservative, segment of the population are natural Republicans.

Tags: Future, Natural  ✍ Author: Ken Mehlman

There is an Islamic population in France, most of which comes from the North African countries.

Tags: Countries, Islamic  ✍ Author: Jean-Marie Le Pen

1% of the population has all the money and the other 99% have nothing.

Tags: Money  ✍ Author: Ron Perlman

The village had a mill near it, situated on the little creek, which made very good flour. The population consisted of civilized Indians, but much mixed blood.

Tags: Blood, Good  ✍ Author: Zebulon Pike

Integral to the orb is our low cost long-range wireless radio data system and a protocol that allows us to send this data over 90% of the US population every 15 minutes throughout the day.

Tags: Radio, System  ✍ Author: David Rose

There is a very large chunk of our population who firmly believe in extraterrestrials.

Tags: Firmly, Large  ✍ Author: Jeri Ryan

The Federal prison population has increased more than 7-fold over the past 20 years.

Tags: Past, Prison  ✍ Author: Bobby Scott

Do not forget birthdays. This is in no way a propaganda for a larger population.

Tags: Forget, Propaganda  ✍ Author: Gertrude Stein

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