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Lily Donaldson's Profile

Brief about Lily Donaldson: By info that we know Lily Donaldson was born at 1987-01-27. And also Lily Donaldson is British Model.

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Growing up I always used to shop in Oxfam. I'd find things for 50p and then take them home, cut them up and make them into something new.

Tags: Growing, Home, Used

I don't wear lipstick when I'm not at work.

Tags: Lipstick, Wear, Work

I wear a lot of different jewellery. I love to look for it when I'm abroad or if I find a great antique or vintage shop.

Tags: Great, Love, Wear

One favourite find of mine has to be a 1980s black dinner jacket that I wear as a dress.

Tags: Black, Dinner, Mine

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