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Lisa Unger's Profile

Brief about Lisa Unger: By info that we know Lisa Unger was born at 1970-04-26. And also Lisa Unger is American Author.

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I definitely feel that plot flows from character. I don't believe that you can construct a plot and insert people into it.

Tags: Character, Definitely, Plot

I don't remember a time when I didn't define myself as a writer.

Tags: Remember, Time, Writer

I live for the blank page.

Tags: Blank, Page

If I weren't a writer, I'd be a psychiatrist.

Tags: Weren, Writer

There's nothing particularly dark in my past... I live in the light. My disposition is basically happy. I have a good life.

Tags: Good, Happy, Life

I don't think of my characters as people I create, I think of them more as people I have met and whom I'm exploring on the page. I don't actually think of myself as having 'created' any of these people.

Tags: Actually, Characters, Create

I'm a 'bound book' kind of girl. I have a Kindle, and I enjoy it for some things, like convenience or instant gratification, or all the little things that you can do with them.

Tags: Book, Enjoy, Girl

I've always had this in a kind of worst-case dark imagination. I want to know what the dark form in the window is. I want to know what the noise under the staircase is.

Tags: Dark, Noise, Window

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