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Lisi Harrison's Profile

Brief about Lisi Harrison: By info that we know Lisi Harrison was born at 1970-07-29. And also Lisi Harrison is Canadian Author.

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I completely remember the horror I felt when my pits started getting hairy. I would walk with my arms pressed against my sides.

Tags: Against, Getting, Remember

I don't like the vampire books. I don't like any of those.

Tags: Books, Vampire

I like writing about the issues we all bump up against as we get older, but I try to present them in a fun way.

Tags: Fun, Try, Writing

I was a terrible athlete and a pretty bad student. I couldn't focus. My imagination was always racing.

Tags: Bad, Focus, Pretty

My goal is to teach readers how to treat and respect themselves and each other in an entertaining way. I do that in all of my books.

Tags: Goal, Respect, Treat

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