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Playing shows is really fun. And writing music is really fun. But going on tour for a year is one of the more soul-crushing experiences you can have as a creative person.

Tags: Music, Writing  ✍ Author: Tunde Adebimpe

All I can say is, hey, if you have fun doing what you do, if you have fun playing soccer, the creativity is just going to come as time goes on.

Tags: Creativity, Time  ✍ Author: Freddy Adu

When I'm out there on the field, I'm in a whole different world, you know? It's like, I'm just having so much fun.

Tags: Field, Whole  ✍ Author: Freddy Adu

I'm not the type of guy who enjoys one-night stands. It leaves me feeling very empty and cynical. It's not even fun sexually. I need to feel something for the woman and entertain the vain hope that it may lead to a relationship.

Tags: Hope, Woman  ✍ Author: Ben Affleck

I have fun being sexy and tough at the same time.

Tags: Sexy, Time  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

I auditioned just for fun.

 ✍ Author: Clay Aiken

Most of the time I don't have much fun. The rest of the time I don't have any fun at all.

Tags: Rest, Time  ✍ Author: Woody Allen

I've never been an intellectual but I have this look.

Tags: Body, Mind  ✍ Author: Woody Allen

It's not to much fun to know yourself too well or think you do - everyone needs a little conceit to carry them through & past the falls.

Tags: Past, Yourself  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

My mom was incredibly supportive when she found out that I wanted to be an actress, and that certainly made things easier and more fun.

Tags: Mom, Wanted  ✍ Author: Morena Baccarin

It would be fun to have someone in the White House who has worked in the private sector... and someone who understands that wealth creation is a good thing and they want more of it. Wealth is good.

Tags: Good, Someone  ✍ Author: Michele Bachmann

I'd really like to get the girl, shoot the gun, drive the car, have fun. I even have these kind of action dreams, where I'm the action guy.

Tags: Car, Dreams  ✍ Author: Kevin Bacon

I don't watch the movies I make, so I haven't seen 'Footloose' since it came out. You see this young, hungry actor, it's pretty fun. I was the only one they screen tested. It was an attempt by the director and producer to talk the head of the studio into hiring me because they didn't want me.

Tags: Movies, Pretty  ✍ Author: Kevin Bacon

I would say invisibility would be sort of a fun power to have just to see what it was like to move through the world and not be looked at.

Tags: Move, Power  ✍ Author: Kevin Bacon

I love to leave the interpretation of my music up to the listener. It's fun to see what they'll say it is.

Tags: Love, Music  ✍ Author: Erykah Badu

I do a lot of media work, I've been investing and I'm involved with real estate. It's totally different from what I had been doing but I find it challenging and fun. To be honest, I really don't miss the track. I pretty well accomplished what I set out to do and it was time to move on.

Tags: Time, Work  ✍ Author: Donovan Bailey

I skate now for fun and to keep myself in shape.

Tags: Keep, Skate  ✍ Author: Oksana Baiul

I'm picking and choosing in terms of the stress factor. If it's not fun, I'm not going to do it.

Tags: Choosing, Stress  ✍ Author: Anita Baker

The fundamentals of baseball haven't changed, but how we can teach those fundamentals has. With an e-book, learning can be more rewarding and fun.

Tags: Baseball, Learning  ✍ Author: Dusty Baker

I do a lot of CG stuff for fun.

Tags: Stuff  ✍ Author: Rick Baker

It's fun doing new things.

 ✍ Author: Rick Baker

Newspaper people, once celebrated as founts of ribald humor and uncouth fun, have of late lost all their gaiety, and small wonder.

Tags: Humor, Lost  ✍ Author: Russell Baker

Doing these parts is not fun. It's challenging, but no fun. It's creepy. I would rather play the guy that throws the touchdown pass and gets carried off the field.

Tags: Off, Rather  ✍ Author: Alec Baldwin

How serious can a movie about time-traveling robots be? You want it to be cool and fun.

Tags: Cool, Serious  ✍ Author: Christian Bale

As a writer, it's fun to create. And once you get into a long-running show with very established characters and a very established tone and format, after a while it's a really great job, but that's what it is - a job.

Tags: Great, Job  ✍ Author: Alan Ball
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There are two ways to go about it. You can take a compass and draw a perfect circle and make two perfect eyes as neat as can be. Or you can do it freehand and have some fun with it. Like I did. Give it character.

Tags: Character, Give  ✍ Author: Harvey Ball

The most serious film can be the most fun. The one that's supposed to be fun can be the most serious.

Tags: Film, Serious  ✍ Author: Eric Bana

A girl's got to be fun. It's the one bit of advice I always give to friends of mine who are thinking of getting married.

Tags: Girl, Thinking  ✍ Author: Eric Bana

Basically, all anyone has to do is ask me for fun details or tell me to be creative, and my mind turns to mud. I am instantly the most boring person you've ever met.

Tags: Boring, Mind  ✍ Author: Lester Bangs

Every once in a while I play a true idiot, and they're really fun to play.

Tags: Idiot, True  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Banks

There is a quite a lot of effort involved but I find action sequences some of the quickest to write and the most fun.

Tags: Effort, Write  ✍ Author: Iain Banks

It's fun; baseball's fun.

Tags: Baseball  ✍ Author: Yogi Berra

Fun I love, but too much fun is of all things the most loathsome. Mirth is better than fun, and happiness is better than mirth.

Tags: Happiness, Love  ✍ Author: William Blake

I have fun with ideas; I play with them.

Tags: Ideas  ✍ Author: Ray Bradbury

To me, theater is the mecca; if you really love to act, that's where it's the most fun, by a long shot.

Tags: Act, Love  ✍ Author: Scott Caan

I'm just trying to play my best and have fun.

Tags: Best, Trying  ✍ Author: Miguel Cabrera

Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.

Tags: Life, Work  ✍ Author: Eileen Caddy

When I did comedy I made fun of myself. If there was a buffoon, I played the buffoon.

Tags: Comedy, Played  ✍ Author: Sid Caesar

Shock is still fun. I won't ever shut the door on it.

Tags: Door, Won  ✍ Author: John Cage

I want to make all kinds of movies. I do want to make big movies that are a lot of fun to go to, but I also want to make movies that are going to stimulate some thought and maybe raise some awareness.

Tags: Movies, Thought  ✍ Author: John Cage

And what I like about it is it makes me happy and I think it makes a lot of people happy to go to the movies and to not think about the problems of the day or the problems of tomorrow or the yesterday and just go on for the ride and have the fun of losing oneself in a fantasy.

Tags: Happy, Movies  ✍ Author: John Cage

I got a part as a chorus girl in a show called Every Sailor and I had fun doing it. Mother didn't really approve of it, through.

Tags: Girl, Mother  ✍ Author: James Cagney

Being a musician is a job - it is just a really fun one!

Tags: Job, Musician  ✍ Author: Colbie Caillat

I think the older you get, the more you know about life, and the more you learn about yourself and you become comfortable in your own skin. So the older I'm getting, the more fun I'm having.

Tags: Life, Yourself  ✍ Author: Colbie Caillat

When they write about real stuff like my custody battle, that's no fun. Some things have leaked out about accusations that have gone back and forth and that's just mean. It's a tactic.

Tags: Mean, Real  ✍ Author: Dean Cain

I did this film for less money than it costs to stay in this hotel. We shot it in 20 days. We couldn't screw up takes for fun because we didn't have enough film.

Tags: Enough, Money  ✍ Author: Dean Cain

Nobody motivates today's workers. If it doesn't come from within, it doesn't come. Fun helps remove the barriers that allow people to motivate themselves.

Tags: Themselves, Today  ✍ Author: Herman Cain

I guess I am attracted to older women. I'm looking for a 40-something who has had her heart broken two or three hundred times. She's going to be fun!

Tags: Heart, Women  ✍ Author: Bryan Callen

Everybody did something. It was very entertaining. We had a lot of fun. Lot of fun. And there was no segregation, that I could see. I never saw any.

Tags: Everybody  ✍ Author: Cab Calloway

In my last band, Soundgarden, I had a couple of different drummers sit in on some stuff and it was fun for me to kind of take a break and watch the band.

Tags: Last, Stuff  ✍ Author: Matt Cameron

I've done some things that have been quite interesting, but as grateful as I am for having been on 'Dynasty,' it was just so cheesy. That's half the reason it was so much fun for people to watch, but it's not so fun to have to say those lines.

Tags: Done, Reason  ✍ Author: Billy Campbell

Oh, I'm nerdy about science fiction and fantasy and graphic novels and reading, and I'm nerdy about board games. My favorite board game is a board game I'm working on right now. It's a game of Napoleonic era naval warfare, and it's going to be fun.

Tags: Game, Science  ✍ Author: Billy Campbell

I'm gonna perform on one of the nights. Good clean fun; we're not going to jail. For the record.

Tags: Good, Jail  ✍ Author: Luther Campbell

I'm someone who loves to play. I make films so I can have fun with the characters.

Tags: Films, Someone  ✍ Author: Jane Campion

There's a great deal of child left in me and acting is fun. It's a make believe thing.

Tags: Acting, Great  ✍ Author: David Canary

It's fun playing two roles. The roles provide a wonderful range of emotions. Stuart is childlike and sensitive. Adam is ruthless, outrageous. He's flamboyant. He does the unexpected.

Tags: Playing, Wonderful  ✍ Author: David Canary

Whenever you observe an animal closely, you feel as if a human being sitting inside were making fun of you.

Tags: Human, Making  ✍ Author: Elias Canetti

It's fun having songs about parties and gigolos, but I really wanted to use my music as a form of art. Art is supposed to spark conversation and make people think, and I wanted to do that with this song.

Tags: Art, Music  ✍ Author: Nick Cannon

I really liked working with Sean Paul; he is a very attractive guy, very hot. He was fun; the chemistry was really great, it was great to be in the moment.

Tags: Great, Working  ✍ Author: Blu Cantrell

I think it's necessary to identify with anything - with any character you play, there's got to be something in common, so you can link up to that person, even if it's like one tiny thing. But it's equally fun to play somebody completely different, and trying to find what that thing is to make it.

Tags: Character, Trying  ✍ Author: Lizzy Caplan

'Party Down' is the most fun I've ever had working in my life. We shoot 10-episode seasons and we shoot it in 10 weeks, so it's very brief: 4-day episode shoots. You never get sick of anybody, and it never feels like a drag. It's way, way, way too short.

Tags: Life, Working  ✍ Author: Lizzy Caplan

Writing stopped being fun when I discovered the difference between good writing and bad and, even more terrifying, the difference between it and true art. And after that, the whip came down.

Tags: Art, Good  ✍ Author: Truman Capote

But, you know, I just want to play well and have fun playing well.

Tags: Playing  ✍ Author: Jennifer Capriati

A lunch date is more fun than a dinner date; you're not tired. It's a secret that not a lot of other parents told me about.

Tags: Parents, Tired  ✍ Author: Jessica Capshaw

On 'American Gladiators,' I got to pummel a lot of people off a pyramid with a giant Q-tip. It was so much fun to wrestle people with no risk of getting knocked out or choked out.

Tags: American, Off  ✍ Author: Gina Carano

I'll tell you what's helped me my entire life. I look at baseball as a game. It's something where people can go out, enjoy and have fun. Nothing more.

Tags: Game, Life  ✍ Author: Harry Caray

Working is hard and distracts from having fun.

Tags: Hard, Working  ✍ Author: Orson Scott Card

I think anyone loves to play a character that is either evil to a certain extent or has a real definable character flaw. Those are always really fun, and, I think, funny.

Tags: Character, Funny  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

They love 3-D. It's fun to watch a movie in 3-D with your children or with a group of children because you see the kids in front of you from time to time reaching up. You see little hands reaching up to grab things that they think are right there. I think it's remarkable and it does obviously, literally, add another dimension to the movie.

Tags: Love, Time  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

When I first started looking at Twitter, I followed people like Steve Martin, who will just write the funniest non sequiturs now and then, which I thought was really fun. That's kind of the road I've taken. Every now and then, something comes into your mind and you put it out there. It's very innocuous. I think it's kind of fun.

Tags: Mind, Thought  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

I joined an improv group in college, which was a lot of fun. After I graduated, I moved to Chicago to try to get into the Second City.

Tags: After, Try  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

I'm a fun dad, but I don't know if I'm the fun, crazy dad.

Tags: Crazy, Dad  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

But sports photography isn't something you just pick up overnight. You can't do it once a year for fun and expect to do a good job. And I take pride in what I do.

Tags: Good, Sports  ✍ Author: Drew Carey

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Tags: Succeed, Unless  ✍ Author: Dale Carnegie

I'm a bit of a traditionalist; the ballroom is all about tails and I never mess about with that. But for the Latin you can have a bit fun: tight trousers, gold shirt open to my waist, be a bit ridiculous.

Tags: Bit, Open  ✍ Author: Anton du Beke

I was always a sci-fi and fantasy geek. I was in the 'Lord of the Rings' club and all my cool friends made fun of me.

Tags: Cool, Friends  ✍ Author: Luciano De Crescenzo

The most fun you can possibly have as an actor is to walk that line between what's real and what's interesting.

Tags: Between, Real  ✍ Author: Vincent D\'Onofrio

There is an odd sense of responsibility attached to appearing in a drama about a real piece of history. A work of fiction is fun.

Tags: History, Work  ✍ Author: James D\'arcy

To be an actress and act crazy is really fun for me, to be able to be acting like you'd never be able to act in your real life and scream and freak out. It's an interesting test for an actor.

Tags: Crazy, Life  ✍ Author: Alexandra Daddario

I wish to Christ I could make up a really great lie. Sometimes, after an interview, I say to myself, 'Man, you were so honest - can't you have some fun? Can't you do some really down and dirty lying?' But the puritan in me thinks that if I tell a lie, I'll be punished.

Tags: Great, Lie  ✍ Author: Willem Dafoe

It's no fun for an actor to keep repeating what you did before. It's always changing. I'm changing. The target keeps moving. That's the beauty of it.

Tags: Beauty, Moving  ✍ Author: Willem Dafoe

The great fun of doing new plays is that people have no idea what's going to happen next. That goes quite soon, as people start talking about it, and the only way you can keep hold of that is genuinely to keep changing it.

Tags: Great, Happen  ✍ Author: Stephen Daldry

I always like playing the bad guys. They have more fun!

Tags: Bad, Playing  ✍ Author: James Badge Dale

We have to face it: in America today the way to have fun and celebrate is to break a store window and take something. That's the way it is, today in America, and we have to accept it.

Tags: America, Today  ✍ Author: Richard J. Daley

I look for fun and smarts - a witty, strong sexy woman.

Tags: Sexy, Strong  ✍ Author: Josh Dallas

I know without our fans and the devotion of our fans we wouldn't be here. I don't mean to put them down, but I'm just stating a fact that it is hard to play to people that see you all the time and it takes a lot of fun out of it in some ways.

Tags: Hard, Time  ✍ Author: Roger Daltrey

It was really fun being in Tara's trailer, working on my lines. Tara is such an amazing actress. She's so good at what she does. I learned a lot from watching her.

Tags: Amazing, Good  ✍ Author: Carson Daly

We're just being ourselves and having fun playing baseball. The biggest thing is when people look at our team, they can see that we're having a lot of fun.

Tags: Baseball, Team  ✍ Author: Johnny Damon

I love shooting, when the character is interesting and the script is interesting, but the research beforehand is really fun. The whole process makes me anxious and restless, and I have trouble sleeping, just trying to figure out the character.

Tags: Character, Love  ✍ Author: Matt Damon

Specifically, we talked about making the character of the prince not so charming, at least in the beginning, and I'm playing around with the preconceptions attached to a character. That's really what intrigued me as well because I thought it would be fun to do it.

Tags: Character, Thought  ✍ Author: Hugh Dancy

I'd forgotten what it was like to play music and have it be fun so I decided to stop. I wasn't even sure if I was going to make a new record, I was just kinda quitting.

Tags: Music, Sure  ✍ Author: Evan Dando

See, to me, rock'n'roll doesn't have any point. It's just fun. It has a million different angles and they're all valid. But I think rock might be a world issue.

Tags: Point, Rock  ✍ Author: Evan Dando

It's better when you have your wife with you, more fun.

Tags: Wife  ✍ Author: Evan Dando

I was trying to spend it as quickly as possible. Because I'm so lazy, all that money created a block. I was flying around the world, staying at fancy hotels, having fun and trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so I could get on with some more work.

Tags: Money, Work  ✍ Author: Evan Dando

We just can't shake monogamy. It definitely demands a kind of rigor and discipline and selflessness. But it's also fun.

Tags: Definitely, Discipline  ✍ Author: Claire Danes

Writing is hard work, but a lot of fun, too. It allows me to live out some of my fantasies.

Tags: Work, Writing  ✍ Author: Christopher Darden

I think I definitely enjoy recording, but I think it's more fun to go out and perform live, because it's like instant gratification, you know? You feel the response immediately.

Tags: Definitely, Enjoy  ✍ Author: Chris Daughtry

But Gargoyles, bar none, is the most fun I've ever had in life.

Tags: Bar, Life  ✍ Author: Keith David

Writing old school HTML code was never very much fun but now it's getting downright tedious for most people.

Tags: School, Writing  ✍ Author: John Davidson

Rebecca Eaton has made an enormous contribution to the cultural life of America, and, more than that, she is one of the most fun people I know.

Tags: America, Life  ✍ Author: Andrew Davies
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