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Lizzie Andrew Borden's Profile

Brief about Lizzie Andrew Borden: By info that we know Lizzie Andrew Borden was born at 1970-01-01. And also Lizzie Andrew Borden is American Celebrity.

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I don't know what I have said. I have answered so many questions and I am so confused I don't know one thing from another. I am telling you just as nearly as I know.

Tags: Another, Confused, Said

Oh, Mrs. Churchill, do come over, someone has killed father.

Tags: Father, Oh, Someone

I always went to my sister, because she was older and had the care of me after my mother died.

Tags: After, Care, Mother

I knew there was an old axe down cellar; that is all I knew.

Tags: Axe, Knew, Old

Go for Dr. Bowen as soon as you can. I think father is hurt.

Tags: Father, Hurt, Soon

I can't do anything in a minute.

Tags: Minute

I did not hear her go or come back, but I supposed she went.

Tags: Hear, Her, She

I did not see his face, because he was all covered with blood.

Tags: Blood, Covered, Face

I don't know whether Mrs. Borden is out or in; I wish you would see if she is in her room.

Tags: Her, She, Wish

I had no occasion for an apron on that morning.

Tags: Morning, Occasion

I have been away a great deal in the daytime, occasionally at night.

Tags: Away, Great, Night

I never eat any breakfast.

Tags: Breakfast, Eat

I said I thought first I was on the stairs; then I remembered I was in the kitchen when he came in.

Tags: Kitchen, Said, Thought

I thought I would go out, and see if the air would make me feel any better.

Tags: Air, Thought

I was feeling well enough to eat the pears.

Tags: Eat, Enough, Feeling

I was not up stairs when he came home; no, sir.

Tags: Home, Sir, Stairs

I was on the stairs coming down when she let him in.

Tags: Coming, Him, She

Last winter when I was coming home from church one Thursday evening, I saw somebody run around the house again. I told my father of that.

Tags: Evening, Father, Home

She said she was going out, and would get the dinner. That is the last I saw her, or said anything to her.

Tags: Her, Last, Said

She told me she had a note, somebody was sick.

Tags: She, Sick, Somebody