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Lucy Lawless's Profile

Brief about Lucy Lawless: By info that we know Lucy Lawless was born at 1968-03-29. And also Lucy Lawless is New Zealander Actress.

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Treat everyone the same until you find out they're an idiot.

Tags: Everyone, Idiot, Treat

I am waiting for a sign that will indicate to me what meaning I must give to my life, but right now my existence is satisfactory.

Tags: Give, Life, Waiting

I get to do all these really nice, little culty things. It seems to be the world that keeps inviting me back.

Tags: Inviting, Nice, Seems

My plan is to shock people with what I can do, because I've got a few sides to me that I've never used on screen.

Tags: Few, Plan, Used

We actually did quite a lot of comedy on 'Xena'. The whole show was very tongue-in-cheek.

Tags: Comedy, Show, Whole

We live at the edge of the world, so we live on the edge. Kiwis will always sacrifice money and security for adventure and challenge.

Tags: Challenge, Money, Sacrifice

For the first time in my life, I put my body and reputation on the line to stand up for my beliefs and do the right thing. I hope I've encouraged other people to do the same.

Tags: Hope, Life, Time

I was black and blue for about two years, but it's paid off tremendously. You know, if you get enough whacks, your reflexes pick up, and I've become quite good - if somebody throws keys or something, I can catch them.

Tags: Black, Enough, Good

I have attended to your request about the armistice.

Tags: Attended, Request