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Luke Benward's Profile

Brief about Luke Benward: By info that we know Luke Benward was born at 1995-05-12. And also Luke Benward is American Actor.

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I'd love to play in, like, a 'Lord of the Rings,' or something like that, or a James Bond or, you know, just something like with action, shooting.

Tags: Action, Lord, Love

I just kind of feel like it's my choice to do what I want to do. And my agent, he's totally with it. He tells me, 'You can turn down any audition you don't want to.'

Tags: Agent, Choice, Turn

When I was little, my mom was an actress, and she still is now, and she'd go on commercial auditions, and if they needed a mom and a son, she'd take me along, and that's how I got started.

Tags: Mom, She, Son

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