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Brief about Marcia Angell: By info that we know Marcia Angell was born at 1939-04-20. And also Marcia Angell is American Editor.

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For all of life's discontents, according to the pharmaceutical industry, there is a drug and you should take it. Then for the side effects of that drug, then there's another drug, and so on. So we're all taking more drugs, and more expensive drugs.

Tags: Another, Life, Taking

Alternative medicine plays into this exaggerated notion that you can prevent disease simply by doing the right thing.

Tags: Disease, Medicine, Simply

Brand-name drugs have no competition, since the government grants them very long, exclusive marketing rights.

Tags: Government, Rights, Since

I do think that we are an overmedicated society.

Tags: Society

Illness and death are not optional. Patients have a right to determine how they approach them.

Tags: Approach, Death, Illness

Obamacare is simply incapable of doing what it is supposed to do - provide nearly universal care at an affordable and sustainable cost.

Tags: Care, Simply, Universal

Unlike the federal government, most states don't have the option of running a deficit.

Tags: Government, Option, Running

Drug companies say they need to charge ever-higher prices to cover their research costs, but they spend far less on research and development than they do on marketing and administration, and afterwards they actually keep more in profits.

Tags: Far, Keep, Less

Health care is a need; it's not a commodity, and it should be distributed according to need. If you're very sick, you should have a lot of it. If you're not sick, you shouldn't have a lot of it.

Tags: Care, Health, Sick

I think doctors are really suffering now. They're suffering in the sense that they feel torn between serving their patients in the best way they can and dealing with all of requirements of the insurance companies and the HMOs and the hassles and the paper work and the increasing pressures to do less and less for their patients.

Tags: Best, Suffering, Work

In economic terms, health care is a highly successful industry - profitable, growing, and virtually recession-proof - but it's a massive burden on the rest of the economy.

Tags: Care, Health, Successful

It's not just the right-wing crazies who oppose health reform. In addition, there are many sane Americans who worry about committing a trillion dollars to it.

Tags: Dollars, Health, Worry

Japan has very long hospital stays. Ah, it's almost a rest cure. People in Japan who are hospitalized might lie around the hospital for a week or two just to take a rest.

Tags: Almost, Lie, Might

Just look at herbal remedies. It's essentially a throwback. It's saying you go to a plant and you mush it up and you stick it in the jar and you sell it and you eat it and it's going to cure what ails you. And that's the kind of stuff that people believed in the early 19th century.

Tags: Early, Saying, Stuff

Liberals are wrong to think that opposition to health reform is a rejection of big government. If health reform consisted of extending Medicare to everyone, people would be delighted. There are millions of 64-year-olds out there who can hardly wait to be 65.

Tags: Big, Government, Health

Probably most dying patients, even when suffering greatly, would choose to live as long as possible. That courage and grace should be protected and honored, and we should put every effort into treating their symptoms.

Tags: Courage, Put, Suffering

The pharmaceutical industry isn't the only place where there's waste and inefficiency and profiteering. That happens in much of the rest of the health care industry.

Tags: Care, Health, Place

The pharmaceutical industry likes to depict itself as a research-based industry, as the source of innovative drugs. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is their incredible PR and their nerve.

Tags: Industry, Source, Truth

The United States is the only advanced country that permits the pharmaceutical industry to charge exactly what the market will bear, whatever it wants.

Tags: Country, United, Whatever

There is something so biologically implausible that your attitude is going to cure a disease. There's a tremendous arrogance to imagine that your mind is all that powerful.

Tags: Attitude, Mind, Powerful
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