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Marie Windsor's Profile

Brief about Marie Windsor: By info that we know Marie Windsor was born at 1919-12-11. And also Marie Windsor is American Actress.

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Of course, in later years, I'd studied acting more than ever before - mostly with the late Stella Adler, who was marvelous! - but in my earlier years, I couldn't afford to do this.

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Raft told me how to walk with him in a scene: We'd start off in a long shot normal, and about the time we got together in a close-up, I'd be bending my knees so I'd be shorter.

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About that time, stronger features became fashionable on the screen.

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But painting can be too lonely... I like being with people too much to have ever made that my life's work.

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Elisha Cook was a darling, and full of the devil. A wired - up little fellow who was always busy, busy, busy.

Tags: Busy, Devil, Full

For instance, it was very rare for anyone there with dogs to allow them into the house.

Tags: Anyone, Dogs, House

For many years my inherited arthritis had given me problems.

Tags: Arthritis, Inherited, Problems

I can't remember anybody saying, Let's get this show on the road.

Tags: Remember, Saying, Show

I didn't know I was doing film noir, I thought they were detective stories with low lighting!

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I got to know Sterling Hayden fairly well. He was a quiet man, who got more complicated as the years went on.

Tags: Fairly, Quiet, Sterling

I had to do a tango with Raft and I learned to dance in ballet shoes with my knees bent.

Tags: Dance, Learned, Shoes

I knew I had a great figure, but I never regarded myself as beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Great, Knew

I thought my nose was too prominent so I had this corrected via plastic surgery in 1959.

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I'd also say having Jack's son Chris living with us from his 13th year on helped in raising Rick.

Tags: Living, Son, Year

I'd been trying for all of the eight years we'd been married to have a child, and finally I did.

Tags: Child, Married, Trying

I'd say my happiest moment as an actress came when I learned I'd won the Look Magazine Best Supporting Actress Award for 1956 in The Killing.

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I'm 5 9, and there were two stars in my life who didn't mind that I was taller than they - George Raft and John Garfield.

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In '48 when I left Metro, I tried to go back to radio, but somehow just didn't do well at it.

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It finally became clear to me that they had no hopes of my ever walking again.

Tags: Again, Clear, Walking

Most actors are insecure enough already without having a director who adds to that.

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