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Mary McLeod Bethune's Profile

Brief about Mary McLeod Bethune: By info that we know Mary McLeod Bethune was born at 1970-01-01. And also Mary McLeod Bethune is American Educator.

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Faith is the first factor in a life devoted to service. Without it, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.

Tags: Faith, Impossible, Life

We have a powerful potential in out youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends.

Tags: Change, Courage, Good

Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.

Tags: Human, Might, Soul

The true worth of a race must be measured by the character of its womanhood.

Tags: Character, True, Worth

The drums of Africa still beat in my heart. They will not let me rest while there is a single Negro boy or girl without a chance to prove his worth.

Tags: Girl, Heart, Single

The whole world opened to me when I learned to read.

Tags: Learned, Read, Whole

Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.

Tags: Faith, Impossible, Possible

Whatever glory belongs to the race for a development unprecedented in history for the given length of time, a full share belongs to the womanhood of the race.

Tags: History, Time, Whatever

Cease to be a drudge, seek to be an artist.

Tags: Artist, Cease, Seek

I never stop to plan. I take things step by step.

Tags: Plan, Step, Stop

Knowledge is the prime need of the hour.

Tags: Hour, Knowledge, Prime

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