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Michael Gruber's Profile

Brief about Michael Gruber: By info that we know Michael Gruber was born at 1940-10-01. And also Michael Gruber is American Author.

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'The Book of Air and Shadows' was born during a conference with an intellectual property lawyer on a particular afternoon in November of 2003.

Tags: Afternoon, Book, Born

But there's the paradox of fiction - why do you cry when a fake character dies? It's the basis of art. You engage with people who don't exist and care about them as you would your friends and relatives.

Tags: Art, Care, Character

I don't like outlining, because books are organic things. Sometimes a book doesn't want to be written in a certain way.

Tags: Book, Books, Sometimes

I just think I'm better equipped to make a study of human personality than trying to get into the mind of animals.

Tags: Human, Mind, Trying

I tend not to think about the reading public at all, or the business, when I'm writing.

Tags: Business, Public, Writing

I think there is just a vein of humanity that really loves animals and really loves to read about them.

Tags: Humanity, Loves, Read

You work hard on a book and throw it out there and then it's beyond your control.

Tags: Book, Hard, Work

Gorillas are in danger of being wiped out by the Ebola virus. I feel like we have limited time to get to know them and understand them and they're going to disappear - that's terrifically sad. Wouldn't it be great if we could stop that?

Tags: Great, Sad, Time

I just don't think I've had the desire yet to write a vicious animal - like a dog-gone-bad or anything - where I do feel that I need a balance of all types of humans.

Tags: Balance, Desire, Write

It seems natural to surround my fictional world with animals because my reality is full of them. When I'm sitting there conceiving a story, they just pop up.

Tags: Reality, Seems, Story

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