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It's really sad looking at people like Lindsay Lohan. She's an amazing actress, but you see what happens when people know too much about your personal life. They start not being able to look at you the same way professionally. I don't want that to happen to me.

Tags: Amazing, Life  ✍ Author: Dianna Agron

It's a sad moment, really, when parents first become a bit frightened of their children.

Tags: Children, Parents  ✍ Author: Ama Ata Aidoo

My lasting impression of Truman Capote is that he was a terribly gentle, terribly sensitive, and terribly sad man.

Tags: Impression, Sensitive  ✍ Author: Alvin Ailey

The sad souls of those who lived without blame and without praise.

Tags: Blame, Lived  ✍ Author: Muhammad Ali

NASA has been one of the most successful public investments in motivating students to do well and achieve all they can achieve. It's sad that we are turning the programme in a direction where it will reduce the amount of motivation and stimulation it provides to young people.

Tags: Successful, Young  ✍ Author: Neil Armstrong

I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps there is just a touch of yearning at times; but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers.

Tags: Times, Touch  ✍ Author: Helen Keller

Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.

Tags: Between, Sadness  ✍ Author: Khalil Gibran

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

Tags: Breaking, Pain  ✍ Author: Khalil Gibran

When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

Tags: Heart, Truth  ✍ Author: Khalil Gibran

It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.

Tags: Nowadays, Useless  ✍ Author: Oscar Wilde

I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano; A stage where every man must play a part, And mine is a sad one.

Tags: Hold, Stage  ✍ Author: William Shakespeare

I had rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to make me sad and to travel for it too!

Tags: Experience, Travel  ✍ Author: William Shakespeare

Informed by our sad experience of history, we require nothing short of a foundation for lasting democracy.

Tags: Experience, History  ✍ Author: Ibrahim Babangida

I really believe that all of us have a lot of darkness in our souls. Anger, rage, fear, sadness. I don't think that's only reserved for people who have horrible upbringings. I think it really exists and is part of the human condition. I think in the course of your life you figure out ways to deal with that.

Tags: Fear, Life  ✍ Author: Kevin Bacon

All pictures are unnatural. All pictures are sad because they're about dead people. Paintings you don't think of in a special time or with a specific event. With photos I always think I'm looking at something dead.

Tags: Special, Time  ✍ Author: David Bailey

The hate directed against the colored people here in St. Louis has always given me a sad feeling... How can you expect the world to believe in you and respect your preaching of democracy when you yourself treat your colored brothers as you do?

Tags: Hate, Respect  ✍ Author: Josephine Baker

We have newsreaders behaving like actors, lowering their voices if it's a sad story, as if we didn't know it's a sad story. There isn't a single cool newsreader.

Tags: Cool, Single  ✍ Author: Stephen Baker

My little son, Atticus, desperately needs his dad and I haven't been there for him... and that's sad.

Tags: Dad, Him  ✍ Author: Daniel Baldwin

The South is very beautiful but its beauty makes one sad because the lives that people live here, and have lived here, are so ugly.

Tags: Beautiful, Beauty  ✍ Author: James A. Baldwin
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I grew up in Chillum Heights in the Washington, D.C. area., and it was never a garden spot. When guys go, 'Hey, when I grew up, my neighborhood was tough, and it was this and that'... the reality is that it was just a terribly sad place. And thank God, I was able to escape it.

Tags: God, Reality  ✍ Author: Jonathan Banks

In this world, full often, our joys are only the tender shadows which our sorrows cast.

Tags: Full, Often  ✍ Author: Henry Ward Beecher

Can I see another's woe, and not be in sorrow too? Can I see another's grief, and not seek for kind relief?

Tags: Another, Sorrow  ✍ Author: William Blake

Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.

Tags: Cannot, Joy  ✍ Author: Joseph Campbell

Women often postpone their lives, thinking that if they're not with a partner then it doesn't really count. They're still searching for their prince, in a way. And as much as we don't discuss that, because it's too embarrassing and too sad, I think it really does exist.

Tags: Thinking, Women  ✍ Author: Jane Campion

Two or three notes of music can instantly make you feel sad or tense or afraid or angry. To do that in words is much more difficult.

Tags: Angry, Music  ✍ Author: Anthony Daniels

You put a song on the record or on tape and you stop singing it. You just don't sit around and sing it anymore unless you're performing. That's kind of sad.

Tags: Put, Song  ✍ Author: Rick Danko

The books are funny and sad, and that's what people respond to.

Tags: Books, Funny  ✍ Author: Paula Danziger

Don't ever let the other stuff get in the way of your inherent skills as a kick-butt storyteller. Move the reader, make them happy and sad and excited and scared. Make them stare into space after they've put the book down, thinking about the tale that's become a part of them.

Tags: Book, Happy  ✍ Author: James Dashner

If you win all the time, you lose the drama in life. To make the happy moments happy, you need the sad moments too.

Tags: Life, Time  ✍ Author: Doug Davidson

Isn't it sad to go to your grave without ever wondering why you were born? Who, with such a thought, would not spring from bed, eager to resume discovering the world and rejoicing to be part of it?

Tags: Thought, Why  ✍ Author: Richard Dawkins

I was raised in an atmosphere of 'everything's fine.' But as I got older, I was like, 'Well no, everything's not fine. There is stuff that's sad.' I am a really sensitive person. I think I am too sensitive sometimes.

Tags: Older, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Ellen DeGeneres

I'm a sucker for sad disco pop.

Tags: Disco, Pop  ✍ Author: Sophie Ellis Bextor

I think that the majority of messages are validating messages to confirm the survival of conscious. And many times that validation message is negative or sad.

Tags: Negative, Times  ✍ Author: John Edward

The delta blues is a low-down, dirty shame blues. It's a sad, big wide sound, something to make you think about people who are dead or the women who left you.

Tags: Big, Women  ✍ Author: David Edwards

A lot of sad stories in a row - that wears on you.

Tags: Row, Stories  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Edwards

We don't live in the Garden. We live far from Eden. Every life is full of heartaches. Every life, frankly, is unspeakably sad.

Tags: Far, Life  ✍ Author: John Eldredge

If you don't physically age gracefully, it's a bit sad. I think Steven Tyler can get away anything, because he still looks like he did in '73. Especially from row Z backwards in an arena. As long as the Stones keep their hair and don't get fat they'll get away with the wrinkles.

Tags: Age, Away  ✍ Author: Joe Elliott

Time takes away the grief of men.

Tags: Men, Time  ✍ Author: Desiderius Erasmus

I agree with cosmetic surgery for medical reasons - my mother had breast cancer and I think it's very sad when somebody has no choice in what happens to their body.

Tags: Medical, Mother  ✍ Author: Paloma Faith

I'm not sad about any of my life. It's so unconventional. It doesn't look anything like I thought it would.

Tags: Life, Thought  ✍ Author: Edie Falco

I like everything perfect. Everything has to be neat. My sister is 5, and she's more messy than I am. I make my bed every morning, everything's perfect. My shoes are all arranged. It's sad. I'm a little like Ray, a little bit.

Tags: Morning, Perfect  ✍ Author: Dakota Fanning

I never get scared making these kinds of movies because it's all make-believe, but I did cry when I saw the finished version of Man On Fire because it is so sad.

Tags: Fire, Movies  ✍ Author: Dakota Fanning

The hardest thing is at the end you have to say bye to all these people who you have worked with for so many months. It was really sad not to see them anymore. But you have the parties that you go to and you get to see them, like the premieres and the screenings.

Tags: End, Worked  ✍ Author: Dakota Fanning

No not really, it is just like real life. Not everyday you are happy and not everyday you are sad.

Tags: Happy, Life  ✍ Author: Dakota Fanning

'Sunset Boulevard' - the story of Hollywood movies draped on a depressing sex affair - is an uncompromising study of American decadence displaying a sad, worn, methodical beauty few films have had since the late twenties.

Tags: Beauty, Movies  ✍ Author: Manny Farber

If we don't make earnest moves toward real solutions, then each day we move one day closer to revolution and anarchy in this country. This is the sad, and yet potentially joyous, state of America.

Tags: Real, Revolution  ✍ Author: Louis Farrakhan

Wearing a tuxedo isn't as simple as it sounds. I've been to a lot of award shows in Hollywood over the years and have seen some pretty sad tuxes. It's surprisingly easy to go off the rails.

Tags: Pretty, Simple  ✍ Author: Paul Feig

Do not make best friends with a melancholy sad soul. They always are heavily loaded, and you must bear half.

Tags: Best, Friends  ✍ Author: Leo Fender

I've always been drawn to Marilyn Monroe, but certain aspects of her story may be too sad to tell.

Tags: May, Tell  ✍ Author: Sherilyn Fenn

I can't watch my first audition because it makes me too upset. I just think it is really sad. I look at myself and don't recognize myself. I do think fame and fortune changes people.

Tags: Changes, Makes  ✍ Author: Rebecca Ferguson

It is sadder to find the past again and find it inadequate to the present than it is to have it elude you and remain forever a harmonious conception of memory.

Tags: Again, Past  ✍ Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sadness flies away on the wings of time.

Tags: Sadness, Time  ✍ Author: Jean de La Fontaine

An ounce of cheerfulness is worth a pound of sadness to serve God with.

Tags: God, Sadness  ✍ Author: Thomas Fuller

It's a sad state when more people retweet than buy records.

Tags: Records, State  ✍ Author: Noel Gallagher

Your joys and sorrows. You can never tell them. You cheapen the inside of yourself if you do tell them.

Tags: Tell, Yourself  ✍ Author: Greta Garbo

When I see 'Sunshine,' I see a film that part of me is kind of very proud of and another part of me is very sad about, so it's a really complicated film for me. And I've never been really able to resolve all that in myself.

Tags: Proud, Sunshine  ✍ Author: Troy Garity

The sad truth is that the civil rights movement cannot be reborn until we identify the causes of black suffering, some of them self-inflicted. Why can't black leaders organize rallies around responsible sexuality, birth within marriage, parents reading to their children and students staying in school and doing homework?

Tags: Marriage, Truth  ✍ Author: Henry Louis Gates

The sad truth is that without complex business partnerships between African elites and European traders and commercial agents, the slave trade to the New World would have been impossible, at least on the scale it occurred.

Tags: Business, Truth  ✍ Author: Henry Louis Gates

People are so codified - it's sad.

 ✍ Author: Jean Paul Gaultier

I don't have many sad days.

Tags: Days  ✍ Author: Billy Graham

All he cares about is going out there with his Jack Daniels bottle. Nothing has changed. That's kind of sad. If David was doing better than he used to be, then that would be different. But it was a joke and he made it that way.

Tags: Joke, Used  ✍ Author: Sammy Hagar

Everybody likes Johnny Cash. I think the sad part of it is his health is givin' him problems.

Tags: Health, Him  ✍ Author: Merle Haggard

I was sad to see anybody leave, we had a very nice family on that show. I was very sad to see momma go, Victoria and especially Linda. My god that was my wife on the show, in fact my wife calls her wife.

Tags: Family, God  ✍ Author: Larry Hagman

Like many of my friends in the Pakistani diaspora - and many of my friends in Pakistan itself, for that matter - I have sometimes looked at the country of my birth and wondered whether its future will be one of steady and sad decline.

Tags: Country, Future  ✍ Author: Philip Gilbert Hamerton

It's both funny and sad which seem to me to be the two basic ingredients of good comedy.

Tags: Funny, Good  ✍ Author: Tony Hancock

We try to... we are, I suppose to a certain extent all affected and erm, that is both funny and sad I think.

Tags: Funny, Try  ✍ Author: Tony Hancock

If my world were to cave in tomorrow, I would look back on all the pleasures, excitements and worthwhilenesses I have been lucky enough to have had. Not the sadness, not my miscarriages or my father leaving home, but the joy of everything else. It will have been enough.

Tags: Home, Sadness  ✍ Author: Audrey Hepburn

Sad people dislike the happy, and the happy the sad; the quick thinking the sedate, and the careless the busy and industrious.

Tags: Busy, Happy  ✍ Author: Lou Holtz

It is one of the most saddening things in life that, try as we may, we can never be certain of making people happy, whereas we can almost always be certain of making them unhappy.

Tags: Happy, Life  ✍ Author: Thomas Huxley

It's much easier to write when you're sad. But you can end up isolated and depressed because you almost need to put yourself in that situation to have that angst to write from.

Tags: End, Yourself  ✍ Author: Natalie Imbruglia

I like singer-songwriters, and I find sad songs comforting rather than depressing. It makes you realise you're not alone in the world.

Tags: Alone, Rather  ✍ Author: Natalie Imbruglia

Divorce was very sad, obviously, but now I've gotten over it.

Tags: Divorce, Gotten  ✍ Author: Natalie Imbruglia

Because the sad fact is that the Enron Corporation and others manipulated with unfortunately great effect the energy market in the West Coast starting in 2000.

Tags: Great, Others  ✍ Author: Jay Inslee

The sad thing about any business I suppose, but in mine you see it particularly, is that you're always asked to do what you've already done.

Tags: Business, Done  ✍ Author: Jeremy Irons

I like to write sad songs. They're much easier to write and you get a lot more emotion into them. But people don't want to hear them as much. And radio definitely doesn't; they want that positive, uptempo thing.

Tags: Positive, Write  ✍ Author: Alan Jackson

It is a historical error for those who were not there to just refer to August 28th as 'I Have a Dream' speech day. That is a real disservice to those who were there. It was a sad day. It was not a celebration environment.

Tags: Dream, Real  ✍ Author: Jesse Jackson

And I remember going to the record studio and there was a park across the street and I'd see all the children playing and I would cry because it would make me sad that I would have to work instead.

Tags: Children, Work  ✍ Author: Michael Jackson

But I now entered on my fifteenth year - a sad epoch in the life of a slave girl. My master began to whisper foul words in my ear. Young as I was, I could not remain ignorant of their import.

Tags: Girl, Life  ✍ Author: Gillian Jacobs

You will soon find that I am a bit obsessive about my work. And that is a little sad, one often feels strangely restricted, not finding time to simmer, although one actually has many interests.

Tags: Time, Work  ✍ Author: Arne Jacobsen

There must be something solemn, serious, and tender about any attitude which we denominate religious. If glad, it must not grin or snicker; if sad, it must not scream or curse.

Tags: Attitude, Serious  ✍ Author: William James

I didn't really want to live, so anything that was an investment in time made me angry... but also I just felt sad. When the hopelessness is hurting you, it's the fixtures and fittings that finish you off.

Tags: Angry, Time  ✍ Author: Angelina Jolie

Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.

Tags: Heart, Tired  ✍ Author: Michael Jordan

The word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Tags: Happiness, Sadness  ✍ Author: Carl Jung

I'm proud of my invention, but I'm sad that it is used by terrorists.

Tags: Proud, Used  ✍ Author: Mikhail Kalashnikov

I would love to be married. But it's not a necessity like the way that I feel I need and want to have children. It would be wonderful to have a husband, and I would feel blessed to do it. But I would feel sad for the rest of my life if I had no kids.

Tags: Life, Love  ✍ Author: Mindy Kaling

I just want real reactions. I want people to laugh from the gut, be sad from the gut - or get angry from the gut.

Tags: Angry, Real  ✍ Author: Andy Kaufman

My mother sent me to psychiatrists since the age of four because she didn't think little boys should be sad. When my brother was born, I stared out the window for days. Can you imagine that?

Tags: Age, Mother  ✍ Author: Andy Kaufman

As a writer, or as a filmmaker, you have to present yourself, and part of what yourself is is what you're interested in, or what you think is funny, or what you think is sad, or what you think is horrible.

Tags: Funny, Yourself  ✍ Author: Charlie Kaufman

They say such nice things about people at their funerals that it makes me sad that I'm going to miss mine by just a few days.

Tags: Makes, Nice  ✍ Author: Garrison Keillor

I think it is very sad that 'sitcom' has become a pejorative term.

Tags: Become, Sitcom  ✍ Author: Penelope Keith

One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness.

Tags: Oneself, Sadness  ✍ Author: Jackie Kennedy

And in real life endings aren't always neat, whether they're happy endings, or whether they're sad endings.

Tags: Happy, Life  ✍ Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

I'm no different than you.

Tags: Grounded  ✍ Author: Patti LaBelle

I had a vocal coach. It's a sad thing, but I had to hire someone so that I could get my Australian accent back.

Tags: Coach, Someone  ✍ Author: Anthony LaPaglia

You have to sound sad first of all, then maybe later you can sound good.

Tags: Good, Maybe  ✍ Author: Steve Lacy

I'm terribly sad about Farrah's passing. She was incredibly brave, and God will be welcoming her with open arms.

Tags: Brave, God  ✍ Author: Cheryl Ladd

It was a long time in the making, my divorce. One day became less special than the next, and pretty soon, we ceased all conversation. It is a sad day when you have nothing left to say.

Tags: Pretty, Time  ✍ Author: Ricki Lake

Los Angeles can be a really sad city.

Tags: Angeles, City  ✍ Author: Adam Lambert

Falling in love is awesome, but I'm never drawn to happy songs per se, so whenever you sit down to write a heartbreak song and you're happily in love, it's like, 'OK, now I have to go back to a sad place to get something good.'

Tags: Good, Love  ✍ Author: Johann Heinrich Lambert

I am not a sad clown. I am not a sad clown.

Tags: Clown  ✍ Author: Nathan Lane

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