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Mike Rounds's Profile

Brief about Mike Rounds: By info that we know Mike Rounds was born at 1954-10-24. And also Mike Rounds is American Politician.

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We can do things the cheap way, the simple way, for the short-term and without regard for the future. Or, we can make the extra effort, do the hard work, absorb the criticism and make decisions that will cause a better future.

Tags: Future, Simple, Work

In every decision we make and in every policy we develop, we are committed to protecting those who cannot protect themselves... the very young and the very old.

Tags: Cannot, Decision, Young

As the price of gas goes up, people will become more conscience of how much they use.

Tags: Become, Conscience, Goes

But if the vision is strong enough, and your goals are steady, and you believe, pretty soon you bring other people with you.

Tags: Enough, Pretty, Strong

The important things that in a campaign we talk about, let us not forget that once the election is over.

Tags: Forget, Once, Talk

The reversal of a Supreme Court opinion is possible.

Tags: Court, Opinion, Possible

There are more people living in freedom today than at any other time in the history of the human race.

Tags: Freedom, History, Time

Being overweight and obesity are major risk factors for many chronic diseases for South Dakotans of all ages. When people are overweight or obese, they have more health problems and more serious health problems, in addition to higher health care costs.

Tags: Care, Health, Serious

Marriage is one of the most sacred human institutions. I asked our Senators, as many South Dakotans have done, to protect marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Tags: Human, Marriage, Woman

One thing that stands out throughout the entire year was that in South Dakota we are much more united than we are divided. Now the divided part creates news, but the united part is what moves us forward.

Tags: Forward, United, Year

Our fish, our recreation, our irrigation and all our uses of the Missouri River are threatened if the drought continues and the Corps of Engineers decisions aren't changed.

Tags: Decisions, Engineers, Fish

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