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Miroslav Volf's Profile

Brief about Miroslav Volf: By info that we know Miroslav Volf was born at 1956-09-25. And also Miroslav Volf is Croatian Theologian.

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The significance of the crucifixion is not only what God does for us; consistently throughout the New Testament the crucifixion is portrayed as the pattern that we are to follow. It is a model of social behavior toward the other as well as a statement about what God has done for us.

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There is no more effective way to radicalize American Muslim youth than for political leaders to make public displays of prejudice against all Muslims. Suspicion will undermine their sense of identification with America and alienate some from both the culture and from politics.

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I don't think we need to agree with anyone in order to love the person. The command for Christians to love the other person, to be benevolent and beneficent toward them, is independent of what the other believes.

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Faith idles when character shrivels.

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For many Americans, Osama bin Laden is the paradigmatic Muslim, an absurd conviction for anyone who has lived with Muslims.

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Honoring everyone contains the promise of possibility.

Tags: Everyone, Honoring, Promise

I do believe that Muslims and Christians and Jews pray to the same God. And yet they understand who God is in significantly different ways.

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In good relationships, we are happy to grow as the other person becomes part of us and who we are.

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Naked need is the occasion for God's giving, not a need adorned with the clean, elegant robes of respectability and good works.

Tags: Giving, God, Good

Prejudice is a form of untruthfulness, and untruthfulness is an insidious form of injustice.

Tags: Injustice, Insidious, Prejudice

Theology is not only about understanding the world; it is about mending the world.

Tags: Theology

There are no unforgivable sins.

Tags: Sins

To affirm that God is God is to want to live in a particular way.

Tags: Affirm, God, Particular

Christianity and Islam are today the most numerous and fastest growing religions globally. Together they encompass more than half of humanity. Consequence: both are here to stay.

Tags: Humanity, Islam, Today

Christians believe that there will be a Judgment Day at the end. And it is my belief that on that day justice will be done and there will be a reconciliation between those who have profoundly injured one another takes place.

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For any victim, particularly us Americans, it is difficult to see ourselves through the eyes of our offender. But for any victim it is the most salutary thing to do.

Tags: Difficult, Eyes, Ourselves

For Christian faith not to be idle in the world, the work of doctors and garbage collectors, business executives and artists, stay-at-home moms or dads and scientists needs to be inserted into God's story with the world. That story needs to provide the most basic rules by which the game in all these spheres is played.

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For Christians, faith is a precious good, the most valuable personal and social resource. When it is left untapped, the common good suffers - not just the particular interests of Christians.

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I think evangelicals would do better if they concentrated less on bolstering the formal authority of the Scripture - which I certainly would want to affirm - and more on displaying how biblical texts can shape lives in salutary ways, how they are fruitful texts, how they are texts one can live according to.

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If I say, 'I forgive you,' I have implicitly said you have done something wrong to me. But what forgiveness is at its heart is both saying that justice has been violated and not letting that violation count against the offender.

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