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Today, the Muslim world is the poorest of the global powers.

Tags: Global, Today  ✍ Author: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

He who becomes a Muslim does so in his own interest.

Tags: Becomes, Interest  ✍ Author: Tammy Faye Bakker

We're a Muslim family, but we're also very cultured and we have a mixture of different religions. For example, my brother-in-law is Catholic, and my sister converted and my nephews are baptized. I have an uncle who just graduated and currently he's a priest.

Tags: Family, Sister  ✍ Author: Rima Fakih

After all, from the Muslim Brotherhood's inception in Egypt in 1928, it has been a revolutionary organization committed to the imposition worldwide of a totalitarian, supremacist Islamic doctrine they call shariah.

Tags: After, Call  ✍ Author: Frank Gaffney

I don't think Osama is a Muslim. I don't think Osama is a human being.

Tags: Human  ✍ Author: Vincent Kartheiser

Unfortunately, more and more Muslim voices are calling for boycotts of the United States and its products.

Tags: Calling, United  ✍ Author: Richard Neal

Fundamentally, I believe that the U.S. can improve its international standing and its national security by expanding trade and strengthening its relationships with moderate Muslim countries.

Tags: National, Security  ✍ Author: Richard Neal

I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries.

Tags: Family, Lived  ✍ Author: Barack Obama

The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans. Many other Americans have Muslims in their families or have lived in a Muslim-majority country - I know, because I am one of them.

Tags: Country, United  ✍ Author: Barack Obama

I was raised in a Baptist household, went to a Catholic church, lived in a Jewish neighborhood, and had the biggest crush on the Muslim girls from one neighborhood over.

Tags: Church, Crush  ✍ Author: Will Smith

People think a Muslim has to have a turban or a big beard. It's stupid.

Tags: Big, Stupid  ✍ Author: T-Pain

Where are the Muslim people's sponsors? Where are its kings? Where are its leaders? The Muslim people is calling upon you, Jerusalem is appealing to you, will anyone answer?

Tags: Anyone, Leaders  ✍ Author: Ilya Yashin

I consider myself to have been formed by a lot of the locutions and aesthetics and principles of the Muslim way of life, and those are an important part of my childhood and my identity.

Tags: Childhood, Life  ✍ Author: Ayad Akhtar

US presidents can make all the commitments and declarations they want until they are blue in the face, in the Muslim world they will always be perceived as partisan.

Tags: Face, Until  ✍ Author: Daniel Barenboim

I am a Muslim Arab, in my actions oriented very to the left, in my convictions.

Tags: Actions, Left  ✍ Author: Ahmed Ben Bella

Eastern Muslim countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, are relative success stories, as they are not afflicted by the Arab heritage of retreat and humiliation at the hands of the French, Spanish, British, Turks, and Persians.

Tags: Hands, Success  ✍ Author: Conrad Black

There are millions and millions of patriotic Muslim Americans.

Tags: Millions, Patriotic  ✍ Author: Wolf Blitzer

Ever since the destruction of Baghdad by the Mongols in 1258, the Muslim world has been in slow decline relative to the west. With Napoleon's invasion of Egypt and the creeping British annexation of Muslim India, that decline took on a malign aspect.

Tags: Since, Took  ✍ Author: James Buchan

I lived in the Muslim world for 10 years.

Tags: Lived  ✍ Author: J. Cole

I am not against Muslim schools. But as I believe in integration, I think we would be better off overall if we did not have denominational schools at all.

Tags: Against, Off  ✍ Author: Frank Dobson

Therefore, the observation must be explicitly made: In the Middle East and in the Muslim world, suspicions linger concerning the objectives of the West and notably the US.

Tags: Middle, West  ✍ Author: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

There exists an unmistakable demand in the Middle East and in the wider Muslim world for democratization.

Tags: Exists, Middle  ✍ Author: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Even in the Western world, one cannot argue that the ideal has been achieved given the existence of issues like the integration, participation and representation of Muslim citizens, and occasional but lingering anti-Semitism.

Tags: Cannot, Existence  ✍ Author: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The treatment of women in Muslim communities throughout the world is unconscionable. All civilized nations must unite in condemnation of a theology that now threatens to destabilize much of the Earth.

Tags: Earth, Women  ✍ Author: Sam Harris

I don't teach my children what is Hindu and what is Muslim.

Tags: Children, Teach  ✍ Author: Shahrukh Khan
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I think there has been a lack of full cooperation from too many people in the Muslim community.

Tags: Community, Full  ✍ Author: Peter King

My national identity is first American. My religious identity is first Muslim.

Tags: American, Religious  ✍ Author: Steven Moffat

The Muslim world is threatened by religious fanaticism. The Western world is threatened by secular fanaticism.

Tags: Religious, Western  ✍ Author: Dennis Prager

If Woody Allen were a Muslim, he'd be dead by now.

Tags: Allen, Dead  ✍ Author: Salman Rushdie

The hatred Muslim extremists feel against the West feeds on certain conflicts in the world.

Tags: Against, Hatred  ✍ Author: Otto Schily

The attacks on the Paris Metro in the 1990s were committed by members of the local Muslim community, immigrants from the Maghreb region of North Africa.

Tags: Africa, Community  ✍ Author: Otto Schily

Typically, in the cities there can be resistance to the gospel or just to Americans, or anybody that's Western. When you get back into the villages, the people are very welcoming. Then when you get into Muslim areas, it definitely gets a little more difficult.

Tags: Anybody, Difficult  ✍ Author: Martha Scott

Americans have almost been conditioned to believe that the majority of people who seek to do us harm are those of Muslim descent.

Tags: Almost, Majority  ✍ Author: Bennie Thompson

For many Americans, Osama bin Laden is the paradigmatic Muslim, an absurd conviction for anyone who has lived with Muslims.

Tags: Anyone, Lived  ✍ Author: Miroslav Volf

It's important that we work very closely with moderate Muslim forces locally, nationally and internationally.

Tags: Forces, Work  ✍ Author: Gijs de Vries

When I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.

Tags: Tell, Themselves  ✍ Author: Juan Williams

As you look at the flow of Muslim fundamentalism, or fundamentalism in various areas and various religions, they all play on the people who have very little.

Tags: Flow, Religions  ✍ Author: James Wolfensohn

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