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Natalie MacMaster's Profile

Brief about Natalie MacMaster: By info that we know Natalie MacMaster was born at 1972-06-13. And also Natalie MacMaster is Canadian Musician.

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Celtic music will always be around, even if with the mainstream crowds it dies out.

Tags: Celtic, Mainstream, Music

I am a very musical person. I love music, and I don't just love Cape Breton fiddling, although it's my favorite.

Tags: Favorite, Love, Music

I basically say I'm on tour all the time, because one tour goes into the next.

Tags: Goes, Next, Time

I've been hearing fiddle music since I was in the womb, I'm sure.

Tags: Music, Since, Sure

It's quite a job, so to speak, when you can really be with your child for 21 out of 24 hours.

Tags: Child, Job, Speak

When I appear onstage, that's my departure from Momhood - and I transform into Natalie MacMaster: the entertainer, the fiddler, the performer.

Tags: Appear, Departure, Transform

I love jazz and pop rock and country. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Anne Murray - if I hear something really great... I want to be a part of it.

Tags: Great, Love, Rock

'In My Hands,' the title track, is my very first vocal attempt, and I'm not a singer as such. But I've always wanted to express myself vocally on my albums, and I don't really have much of a capability for singing. The strength is in, I think, the lyrics and just speaking. It just comes from inside.

Tags: Singing, Strength, Wanted

Living in Cape Breton, it's really all about fiddle music, so it's not like there were other instruments out there that tempted me and it was like I had to decide which one. It was automatically fiddle, because it's the predominant instrument in Cape Breton Island.

Tags: Decide, Living, Music

There's some places where, I don't know if they're fiddle fans, or Natalie fans or if they just love Celtic music, but there's some places where there's just awesome crowds.

Tags: Awesome, Love, Music

When you return to the same area a few times, you get that frequent rapport with the public and the fans of the music along with having a certain warmth when you walk onstage.

Tags: Few, Music, Times
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