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Marvin Gaye is one of my favorite revolutionaries. He spoke from his heart, his mind. That's what I want to do.

Tags: Heart, Mind  ✍ Author: Erykah Badu

One of my favorite colors is no color at all.

Tags: Color, Colors  ✍ Author: Billy Baldwin

I would have to say my favorite place on Earth is Bora Bora.

Tags: Earth, Place  ✍ Author: Robert Ballard

I have my favorite cat, who is my paperweight, on my desk while I am writing.

Tags: While, Writing  ✍ Author: Ray Bradbury

Our favorite holding period is forever.

Tags: Business, Forever  ✍ Author: Warren Buffett

I really love Las Vegas. It's, like, my favorite place to be. I love to DJ out there. It is the place to be as a DJ.

Tags: Love, Place  ✍ Author: Pauly D

Steve Martin is one of my favorite performers, writers, artists of all time.

Tags: Artists, Time  ✍ Author: Claire Danes

What a dog I got, his favorite bone is in my arm.

Tags: Dog, Pet  ✍ Author: Rodney Dangerfield

I have done all of the genres, and the dramatic role is my favorite.

Tags: Done, Role  ✍ Author: Jeff Daniels

Always have a collection of your favorite CDs with you.

Tags: Collection  ✍ Author: Dimebag Darrell

Ed Kowalczyk is my favorite singer.

Tags: Singer  ✍ Author: Chris Daughtry

My favorite tennis player, who I'm amazed by, is Roger Federer.

Tags: Player, Tennis  ✍ Author: Doug Davidson

Two of my favorite things are my steering wheel and my Remington rifle.

Tags: Rifle, Wheel  ✍ Author: Dale Earnhardt

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.

Tags: Holiday, Valentine  ✍ Author: Lindsay Ellingson

Early Bluegrass is my favorite kind of music, not to many people know that.

Tags: Early, Music  ✍ Author: John Fahey

My favorite actresses are Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Julie Andrews.

Tags: Julia, Julie  ✍ Author: Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is my favorite actress.

Tags: Actress, Dakota  ✍ Author: Elle Fanning

My favorite actress is Marilyn Monroe.

Tags: Actress, Monroe  ✍ Author: Elle Fanning

Right now I'd say my favorite fashion designer is Zac Posen.

Tags: Designer, Fashion  ✍ Author: Allyson Felix

My favorite place in the whole world is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tags: Place, Whole  ✍ Author: Miguel Ferrer

I don't know what my favorite film of mine is... But I think the most important film I was in was 'Glory'.

Tags: Film, Mine  ✍ Author: Morgan Freeman

My favorite album would have to be something from The Beatles.

Tags: Album, Beatles  ✍ Author: Liam Gallagher
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New York is my favorite city in the world.

Tags: City, York  ✍ Author: Liam Gallagher

I'm a huge fan of burgers, and they're not my wife's favorite, so we don't cook them at home.

Tags: Home, Wife  ✍ Author: Greta Garbo

I always like to find those little mom-and-pop sandwich places, or diners. Those are my favorite kind of places.

Tags: Places, Sandwich  ✍ Author: Billy Gardell

One of my favorite little sayings is, 'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.'

Tags: Avoid, Criticism  ✍ Author: Robert M. Gates

Well, my favorite roles so far are Lucas and Lost Boys.

Tags: Far, Lost  ✍ Author: Corey Haim

I think my favorite, and Coppola and that whole thing. East coast Italian directors I guess.

Tags: Guess, Whole  ✍ Author: Anthony Michael Hall

My favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Jets.

Tags: Teams, York  ✍ Author: Bridget Hall

My favorite NBA team are the houston rockets and favorite college team are the duke blue devils.

Tags: College, Team  ✍ Author: Dante Hall

My favorite dancer is Sylvie Guillem.

Tags: Dancer  ✍ Author: Jerry Hall

'Twin Peaks' is my favorite American TV show.

Tags: American, Show  ✍ Author: Rebecca Hall

English muffins with avocado is one of my favorite breakfasts.

Tags: English, Muffins  ✍ Author: Mia Hamm

If you look at the statistics, people spend most of their time in the kitchen. Aside from the backyard, it's one of my favorite places to renovate.

Tags: Spend, Time  ✍ Author: Vanilla Ice

My favorite movie of all time is 'Rocky.'

Tags: Movie, Time  ✍ Author: Kevin James

I don't think I look like the pope's favorite Catholic - at least not under close scrutiny.

Tags: Catholic, Close  ✍ Author: Mary Karr

My favorite film is always the one that I most recently worked on.

Tags: Film, Worked  ✍ Author: Lloyd Kaufman

You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.

Tags: Laughter, Wants  ✍ Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

When I want to kick it up, I like to add hardwood chips or chunks to the grill; it adds bold smoky flavors. The most common woods are hickory and mesquite, but you can find alder, apple, cherry and, my personal favorite, pecan.

Tags: Common, Personal  ✍ Author: Emeril Lagasse

My favorite kitchen was the Japanese and the Italian kitchen.

Tags: Japanese, Kitchen  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

My favorite animal is steak.

Tags: Animal, Steak  ✍ Author: Fran Lebowitz

I have quite a lot of plastic sunglasses. It's just a nice accessory, it adds a final thing, and it's my favorite way of figuring an outfit.

Tags: Nice, Quite  ✍ Author: Marina and the Diamonds

I am a very musical person. I love music, and I don't just love Cape Breton fiddling, although it's my favorite.

Tags: Love, Music  ✍ Author: Natalie MacMaster

One meal I'm constantly reminded about is when I ate kangaroo tail in the desert in Australia; it wasn't necessarily my favorite, but I will always remember it.

Tags: Australia, Remember  ✍ Author: Rob Machado

A favorite cast? Lisa Kudrow, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, and my wife.

Tags: Cast, Wife  ✍ Author: William H. Macy

I love barbecue, it's my favorite thing to eat.

Tags: Eat, Love  ✍ Author: David Nail

My favorite episode of Stargate? All of them! My favorite episode of Parker Lewis? All of them!

Tags: Episode, Lewis  ✍ Author: Corin Nemec

I think that Pebble Beach is my favorite golf course to go to. I think Augusta is my favorite place to go play golf.

Tags: Golf, Place  ✍ Author: Jack Nicklaus

I was raised on the brothers Grimm, but my favorite fairy tales in the world are Oscar Wilde's - 'The Nightingale and the Rose,' 'The Selfish Giant.' The latter is probably my all-time favorite.

Tags: Rose, Selfish  ✍ Author: Denis O\'Hare

My own favorite is something called Rogue Male.

Tags: Male, Rogue  ✍ Author: Peter O\'Toole

For me, my favorite trends of summer are lots of color, wedges, rompers and bright lipstick.

Tags: Color, Summer  ✍ Author: Janel Parrish

Tea, though ridiculed by those who are naturally coarse in their nervous sensibilities will always be the favorite beverage of the intellectual.

Tags: Tea, Though  ✍ Author: Thomas de Quincey

Tumbling has always been my favorite.

 ✍ Author: Aly Raisman

As far as my favorite songs to perform live, most of the songs we did live were my favorite. If they weren't, I would have gotten rid of them.

Tags: Far, Songs  ✍ Author: Johnny Ramone

My favorite album would have to be Rocket To Russia. I feel this album has the most classic Ramones songs.

Tags: Album, Songs  ✍ Author: Johnny Ramone

My favorite artists have always been Elvis and The Beatles and they still are!

Tags: Artists, Beatles  ✍ Author: Johnny Ramone

'Rocket to Russia' is, I think, my favorite Ramones record. We reached our peak at that point.

Tags: Point, Russia  ✍ Author: Johnny Ramone

'Cool-Hand Luke' is one of my favorite movies.

Tags: Luke, Movies  ✍ Author: Jim Rash

And this one I wanted to do some covers. So I just really sang some of my favorite songs.

Tags: Songs, Wanted  ✍ Author: Katey Sagal

Running back was always my favorite position.

Tags: Position, Running  ✍ Author: Barry Sanders

Duh! So, we're asking you now, what are some of your favorite lines that this warlock brain produced?

Tags: Asking, Brain  ✍ Author: Charlie Sheen

My favorite part of my appearance is my height. I'm five foot one and I feel feminine being small.

Tags: Five, Small  ✍ Author: Alanna Ubach

But the guitar is my favorite, first and foremost instrument.

Tags: Guitar, Instrument  ✍ Author: Midge Ure

Honestly, live is my favorite way of performing. Every show is a completely different energy.

Tags: Energy, Show  ✍ Author: Sharon Van Etten

One of my favorite dishes is this alfredo I make, and I make the sauce from scratch. I love making everything from scratch.

Tags: Love, Making  ✍ Author: Elle Varner

Jet-skiing is my favorite water sport.

Tags: Water  ✍ Author: Sharni Vinson

My favorite characters are the ones that are the most successful movies.

Tags: Movies, Successful  ✍ Author: Christopher Walken

People think that my favorite roles to do are villains, but I find comedy to be the most challenging and rewarding.

Tags: Comedy, Rewarding  ✍ Author: Christopher Walken

Bill Russell was my favorite player of all-time.

Tags: Bill, Player  ✍ Author: Bill Walton

Chick Hearn was my favorite broadcaster ever - he's the one who taught me to think basketball, how to love basketball.

Tags: Basketball, Love  ✍ Author: Bill Walton

The South of France is one of my favorite places in the world.

Tags: Places, South  ✍ Author: M. Ward

Todd Solondz is one of my favorite directors.

Tags: Directors, Todd  ✍ Author: Eric Wareheim

I love potatoes - they're my favorite food.

Tags: Food, Love  ✍ Author: Trisha Yearwood

One of my favorite philosophical tenets is that people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people's minds.

Tags: Change, Minds  ✍ Author: Frank Zappa

Sesame oil is probably my favorite condiment, period.

Tags: Oil, Period  ✍ Author: Ted Allen

Cukor is one of my favorite directors. He was a master at directing women.

Tags: Master, Women  ✍ Author: Pedro Almodovar

My favorite book is the last one printed, which is always better than those that were published earlier.

Tags: Book, Last  ✍ Author: Stephen Ambrose

My favorite saying is, 'If it's too loud, turn it up.'

Tags: Saying, Turn  ✍ Author: Tori Amos

Dogs are my favorite people.

Tags: Dogs, Pet  ✍ Author: Richard Dean Anderson

My favorite thing is to go where I've never been.

 ✍ Author: Diane Arbus

I have an engagement ring, which is my favorite accessory.

Tags: Engagement, Ring  ✍ Author: Jules Asner

One of my favorite stories is my first kissing scene with Linda Gray.

Tags: Scene, Stories  ✍ Author: Christopher Atkins

One of my very favorite television shows growing up was 'The Prisoner.'

Tags: Growing, Television  ✍ Author: Roger Avary

Louis Malle is maybe one of my favorite directors, but I love Tarantino.

Tags: Love, Maybe  ✍ Author: Richard Ayoade

I love New York. It's one of my favorite cities.

Tags: Love, York  ✍ Author: Jean-Marc Ayrault

'The Simpsons' is still my favorite show. I have a really strong connection to it.

Tags: Show, Strong  ✍ Author: Ben Schwartz

I'm probably a little too uninhibited.

Tags: Bridges, History  ✍ Author: Ben Barnes

My favorite form of transportation is walking. I live in a neighborhood where you can walk to restaurants, banks, and shops.

Tags: Walk, Walking  ✍ Author: Ed Begley, Jr.

Life: my favorite occupation.

Tags: Life, Occupation  ✍ Author: Dirk Benedict

My favorite jellybean is the pink one with the flavor inside.

Tags: Inside, Pink  ✍ Author: Chester Bennington

Physical comedy is my favorite thing in the world to do.

Tags: Comedy, Physical  ✍ Author: Jason Biggs

Hash browns are my favorite breakfast food.

Tags: Breakfast, Food  ✍ Author: Rachel Bilson

I love to cook, it's one of my most favorite things in the world. That's why I stopped being a vegetarian - I didn't want to serve people things I hadn't tasted myself.

Tags: Love, Why  ✍ Author: Claudia Black

Freshly minted Ph.Ds typically teach the way their favorite professors taught.

Tags: Taught, Teach  ✍ Author: Derek Bok

My favorite actors when I was a kid were in their '60s. Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne.

Tags: John, Kid  ✍ Author: Joseph Bologna

My favorite comedians were Jimmy Durante, George Burns, senior citizens.

Tags: Comedians, Senior  ✍ Author: Joseph Bologna

I really don't have a favorite meal. I eat anything.

Tags: Eat, Meal  ✍ Author: Usain Bolt

My favorite actors are people who I don't know anything about, and I can project any character onto them.

Tags: Character, Project  ✍ Author: Matt Bomer

My favorite pastime is to write.

Tags: Pastime, Write  ✍ Author: Danny Bonaduce

I don't have one movie that is my favorite, I have about 25-30 favorites.

Tags: Favorites, Movie  ✍ Author: Jeff Bridges
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