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Nicole Krauss's Profile

Brief about Nicole Krauss: By info that we know Nicole Krauss was born at 1974-08-18. And also Nicole Krauss is American Author.

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I have always written about characters who fall somewhere in the spectrum between solitary and totally alienated.

Tags: Between, Fall, Written

I have realised just how important it is to readers to feel that fictional stories are based on reality.

Tags: Based, Reality, Stories

I read like an animal. I read under the covers, I read lying in the grass, I read at the dinner table. While other people were talking to me, I read.

Tags: Read, Talking, While

I take almost no notes when I write. I have one notebook - this old green leather notebook that my dad gave me a decade ago.

Tags: Dad, Old, Write

I think of novels as houses. You live in them over the course of a long period, both as a reader and as a writer.

Tags: Both, Period, Writer

I'm very interested in structure, how multiple stories are assembled in different ways; that is what memory does as well.

Tags: Interested, Memory, Ways

If the book is a mystery to its author as she's writing, inevitably it's going to be a mystery to the reader as he or she reads it.

Tags: Book, She, Writing

The accolades, just like the scrapes and bruises, fade in the end, and all you're left with is your ambition.

Tags: Ambition, End, Left

To me, this is the singular privilege of reading literature: we are allowed to step into another's life.

Tags: Another, Life, Reading

What interests me in writing a novel is taking really remote voices, characters, and stories and beginning to create some kind of web.

Tags: Beginning, Create, Writing

You can't imagine how hard I am on myself. Nothing pummels me like my own doubts, the feeling of how far I still have to go.

Tags: Far, Feeling, Hard

For me, what I am making in the novel is a place to live. When I first switched from poetry to novels, I was asked why, and the metaphor I came up with was about poems as rooms. You can make a room perfect, but then you have to shut the door and never go back, whereas a novel is like a house - it can never be perfect, but you can make a life in it.

Tags: Life, Perfect, Poetry

Getting a book published made me feel a little bit sad. I felt driven by the need to write a book, rather than the need to write. I needed to figure out what was important to me as a writer.

Tags: Book, Rather, Sad

I always wrote little things when I was younger. My first opus was a book of poems put down in a spiral notebook at five or six, handsomely accompanied by crayon illustrations.

Tags: Book, Five, Put

I am always coming up with architectural metaphors when I think about writing. But I think one of the things that draw us to literature is that it gives us this very attractive illusion that there is meaning in the world - things connect.

Tags: Coming, Meaning, Writing

I used to think that if I had a choice between writing well and living well, I would choose the former. But now I think that's sheer lunacy. Writing weighs so much less, in the great cosmic equation, than living.

Tags: Great, Living, Writing

I'm the opposite of someone like David Grossman, who knows how his characters walk, and how they smell. I don't allow myself to imagine what mine look like at all. My sense of them comes from the inside. They remain, by necessity, physically vague in my mind.

Tags: Mind, Sense, Someone

My first novel, 'Man Walks Into a Room,' is about a man who's lost his memory and has to start a second life. On one level, it's about how we create a coherent sense of self.

Tags: Life, Lost, Self

That powers my desire to write: the sense of how quickly everything on the surface of life can be cut away and you can suddenly be inside the most inner part of the most inner life of a person. What does it feel like there, and what are the regrets and sensations and longings, and what is the music of it?

Tags: Away, Life, Music

The more freedom I allow myself as a writer to wander, become lost and go into uncertain territory - and I am always trying to go to the more awkward place, the more difficult place - the more frightening it is, because I have no plan.

Tags: Freedom, Lost, Trying
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