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Norton Simon's Profile

Brief about Norton Simon: By info that we know Norton Simon was born at 1907-02-05. And also Norton Simon is American Businessman.

Some Norton Simon's quotes. Goto "Norton Simon's quotation" section for more.

All right, I will read what's in my pocket.

Tags: Pocket, Read

I liked money more than going to school.

Tags: Liked, Money, School

If the picture speaks to me, if it tells me something about myself, then I want it. Then I have to have it.

Tags: Picture, Speaks, Tells

These are the people who are going to see the pictures in my museum.

Tags: Museum, Pictures

To me, such functions are like supermarket openings.

Tags: Functions, Openings

Well, darling, you can have your tearoom now.

Tags: Darling

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