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I don't think my parents liked me. They put a live teddy bear in my crib.

Tags: Parents, Put  ✍ Author: Woody Allen

I always liked the intensity of the recording.

Tags: Intensity, Recording  ✍ Author: Enid Bagnold

I never cared for fashion much, amusing little seams and witty little pleats: it was the girls I liked.

Tags: Fashion, Witty  ✍ Author: David Bailey

I've always liked the effect of having somebody in there who hadn't the faintest idea what was going on.

Tags: Idea, Somebody  ✍ Author: Derek Bailey

I've never liked watching real-life couples play couples onscreen or onstage. It takes me out of the story.

Tags: Story, Takes  ✍ Author: Antonio Banderas

I liked being in the spotlight.

Tags: Spotlight  ✍ Author: Scott Caan

I've always liked Playboy; I think it's very tasteful.

Tags: Playboy, Tasteful  ✍ Author: Trishelle Cannatella

I just liked stand-up comedy so much. I used to memorize Bill Cosby albums and other people's albums, George Carlin, Flip Wilson.

Tags: Comedy, Used  ✍ Author: Drew Carey

I really liked Yale, although it was extremely intimidating. When I visited the campus, I was hiding behind trees, I felt so unworthy.

Tags: Behind, Felt  ✍ Author: Claire Danes

I don't like spinach, and I'm glad I don't, because if I liked it I'd eat it, and I just hate it.

Tags: Eat, Hate  ✍ Author: Clarence Darrow

I've always liked men better than women.

Tags: Men, Women  ✍ Author: Bette Davis

I always liked characters that were more grounded in reality.

Tags: Characters, Reality  ✍ Author: Clint Eastwood

I've always liked traveling around Europe and seeing the architecture. The buildings in capital cities have been there for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. Some look better than the new ones.

Tags: Europe, Seeing  ✍ Author: Joe Elliott

I liked tap, because I liked hearing the results of my movements.

Tags: Hearing, Results  ✍ Author: Suzanne Farrell

I liked to read but, being a dancer, I didn't have a lot of time to read.

Tags: Read, Time  ✍ Author: Suzanne Farrell

I liked Latin, I like languages, I liked all the myths, and the Roman tales that we were required to translate in Latin, and all these interesting people who were never quite what they thought they would be or seemed to be.

Tags: Quite, Thought  ✍ Author: Suzanne Farrell

If people really liked to work, we'd still be plowing the land with sticks and transporting goods on our backs.

Tags: Land, Work  ✍ Author: William Feather

Every musician liked Peggy Lee, but not the general public.

Tags: General, Public  ✍ Author: Mel Ferrer

I'm not one of those people who writes a biography or tries to figure out what kind of ice cream the character liked when he was 10.

Tags: Character, Figure  ✍ Author: Miguel Ferrer

I never met a kid I liked.

Tags: Kid, Met  ✍ Author: W. C. Fields

I just try to keep myself a traditionalist. I liked being an underground comic doing my thing. I want to maintain that. I just do.

Tags: Keep, Try  ✍ Author: Zach Galifianakis

I never liked you, and I always will.

 ✍ Author: Samuel Goldwyn

I liked Dallas better because it was more deceptive, you could do more with it.

Tags: Dallas, Deceptive  ✍ Author: Larry Hagman

Mick Jagger and I just really liked each other a lot. We talked all night. We had the same views on nuclear disarmament.

Tags: Night, Nuclear  ✍ Author: Jerry Hall

And I think that, of course, there is some dysfunction of needing to be liked or noticed or to feel part of things, something going on there for most actors. For some there's not and I think they really struggle with it.

Tags: Noticed, Struggle  ✍ Author: Hugh Jackman
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I've always been interested in people, but I've never liked them.

Tags: Interested  ✍ Author: Henry James

I liked Sartre's views but not his writing.

Tags: Views, Writing  ✍ Author: Tahar Ben Jelloun

I really liked Carrie a lot. That was one of Brian De Palma's best movies.

Tags: Best, Movies  ✍ Author: Lawrence Kasdan

And I liked this extreme character of de Sade.

Tags: Character, Extreme  ✍ Author: Philip Kaufman

I love you the more in that I believe you had liked me for my own sake and for nothing else.

Tags: Else, Love  ✍ Author: John Keats

I used to do kickboxing, because I liked the cute outfits.

Tags: Cute, Used  ✍ Author: Monica Keena

I'm not afraid. I never liked long last acts.

Tags: Afraid, Last  ✍ Author: Lillie Langtry

I don't want to be liked. I want to be respected.

Tags: Respected  ✍ Author: Jack Ma

I don't need to be liked.

 ✍ Author: John Malkovich

I also found out that I liked biochemical research and that I could do it.

Tags: Found, Research  ✍ Author: Daniel Nathans

My friends and I were wild and we liked to joy-ride.

Tags: Friends, Wild  ✍ Author: Aaron Neville

I've always liked game shows - the competitive aspect and the character-driven personalities you see.

Tags: Game, Shows  ✍ Author: Apolo Ohno

If one could have a wish, or an alternative life, I would've liked to have been John Lennon.

Tags: Life, Wish  ✍ Author: Gary Oldman

I really like using my Samsung (005930:KS) tablet. I previously used the Motorola Xoom for a while and liked that.

Tags: Used, While  ✍ Author: Larry Page

I liked to play dress-up.

 ✍ Author: Vanessa Paradis

I have to say, I haven't really worked with that many people in my career that I haven't liked, which I think is really rare.

Tags: Career, Worked  ✍ Author: Mary-Louise Parker

I still don't look like what I think I look like.

Tags: Concerned, Parts  ✍ Author: Molly Parker

I like being scared, so I've always liked fairy tales because they're kind of creepy.

Tags: Fairy, Scared  ✍ Author: Lana Parrilla

I liked sculpting better than painting. You have more freedom in sculpting.

Tags: Freedom, Painting  ✍ Author: Anthony Quinn

I never liked blues and I really didn't like jazz. I liked Chuck Berry.

Tags: Blues, Jazz  ✍ Author: Johnny Ramone

Berkeley hackers liked to see themselves as rebels against soulless corporate empires.

Tags: Against, Themselves  ✍ Author: Eric S. Raymond

I always liked red. It's a picker-upper.

Tags: Red  ✍ Author: Nancy Reagan

As much as I liked and admired the various members of the Kennedy family, my first loyalty was to Jackie.

Tags: Family, Loyalty  ✍ Author: Pierre Salinger

I didn't realize how much people liked to bash SNL until I was on. I've always just liked it, and I've always watched it and been into it.

Tags: Realize, Until  ✍ Author: Andy Samberg

If I watch an episode of SNL, and there's one thing that I liked, then that's a good episode.

Tags: Good, Watch  ✍ Author: Andy Samberg

I just grew the hair on my back. Facial hair just wasn't appealing to me. I liked it on my back, though.

Tags: Hair, Though  ✍ Author: Bob Uecker

Unless you're a serial killer, you're worried about being liked by somebody.

Tags: Somebody, Unless  ✍ Author: Enrique Vila-Matas

You don't worry about being liked. You have to be yourself.

Tags: Worry, Yourself  ✍ Author: Vince Vaughn

I never liked mellow sounding guitar.

Tags: Guitar, Mellow  ✍ Author: Paul Verlaine

I liked women as a shape to dress.

Tags: Dress, Women  ✍ Author: Gianni Versace

I always liked spy stories.

Tags: Spy, Stories  ✍ Author: Walter Wager

I have always liked shows that have laughter in them.

Tags: Laughter, Shows  ✍ Author: David Walliams

I belonged to another club, and liked the camaraderie.

Tags: Another, Club  ✍ Author: Chuck Zito

I don't smoke pot. I never liked it.

Tags: Pot, Smoke  ✍ Author: Kirstie Alley

I've always liked police-blotter kind of writing, or the writing of a policeman, right to the point and hardboiled. That's how I see at least the prose elements of scriptwriting.

Tags: Point, Writing  ✍ Author: Jonathan Ames

I wasn't a good waitress, but I was told that I was very nice and charming, so people liked me anyway.

Tags: Good, Nice  ✍ Author: Jennifer Aniston

I've always liked Dennis Chambers, he's real flashy.

Tags: Chambers, Real  ✍ Author: Travis Barker

I liked the koala, wallaby, and I chilled with a kangaroo a bit. There was a wombat that I quite enjoyed also.

Tags: Bit, Quite  ✍ Author: Todd Barry

I never liked dance photography; it's very flat, and dance photography in the studio looks very contrived.

Tags: Dance, Looks  ✍ Author: Mikhail Baryshnikov

I wasn't as fit as I would of liked to have been, going to the World Cup, but I'm not sure what difference that made.

Tags: Difference, Sure  ✍ Author: David Beckham

I've heard that Bon Iver liked my cover of 'Skinny Love.'

Tags: Heard, Love  ✍ Author: Birdy

I'm not into that Keith Richard trip of having all those guitars in different tunings. I never liked the Rolling Stones much anyway.

Tags: Anyway, Trip  ✍ Author: Ritchie Blackmore

I've always liked artists like Chris Burden, who would take performances, put them in galleries, and then do things that were on the edge.

Tags: Artists, Put  ✍ Author: David Blaine

I met the Radicals and we liked each other reciprocally.

Tags: Met, Radicals  ✍ Author: Emma Bonino

I've just always liked hotels. I like the bed and the sheets and everything that comes along with it.

Tags: Along, Bed  ✍ Author: David Boreanaz

If you go back to the Conan the Barbarian series, I really liked that.

Tags: Barbarian, Series  ✍ Author: Andre Braugher

I never liked the men I loved and never loved the men I liked.

Tags: Loved, Men  ✍ Author: Fanny Brice

Demeanor-wise, Reagan was a conservative, but a pragmatic conservative, and he found silver linings in things. He liked to be a mediator. He didn't like to have enemies around him.

Tags: Found, Him  ✍ Author: Douglas Brinkley

50 Cent's a songwriter. He understood and liked my music, but he didn't understand me.

Tags: Music, Understand  ✍ Author: Danny Brown

But we discovered that, although I liked publishing, the commercial side meant nothing at all to me.

Tags: Meant, Side  ✍ Author: Inge de Bruijn

I liked myself better when I wasn't me.

 ✍ Author: Carol Burnett

I always liked strange characters.

Tags: Characters, Strange  ✍ Author: Tim Burton

I liked the Beastie Boys and A Tribe Called Quest and Cypress Hill.

Tags: Hill, Quest  ✍ Author: Rose Byrne

I just liked the idea of being engaged.

Tags: Engaged, Idea  ✍ Author: Belinda Carlisle

I liked pretending to be other people: I could reinvent myself, reinvent my own reality.

Tags: Pretending, Reality  ✍ Author: Helena Bonham Carter

I don't know why I always liked aerospace engineering. I was in the 10th grade when I figured that's what I wanted to do.

Tags: Wanted, Why  ✍ Author: Kalpana Chawla

I like the Gap ad, the khaki one. I liked that.

Tags: Ad, Gap  ✍ Author: Jay Chiat

Back then, I could be as obnoxious as I liked and people would still come back for more, they had to, I was Benjamin Cohen, the Dot Com sensation.

Tags: Obnoxious, Sensation  ✍ Author: Benjamin Cohen

You're grateful and appreciative that people liked you and remember you.

Tags: Grateful, Remember  ✍ Author: Mindy Cohn

I just liked the feeling of being on stage.

Tags: Feeling, Stage  ✍ Author: Harry Connick, Jr.

I am not looking to be understood or liked. Like me or not, I don't care. I am an outsider, that is the way I was brought up.

Tags: Care, Looking  ✍ Author: Jimmy Connors

A lot of my branding has come from stubbornness - I knew what I liked. I knew what I wanted to do.

Tags: Knew, Wanted  ✍ Author: Lauren Conrad

I liked to work in a shop down in the basement and invent things and build gadgets.

Tags: Build, Work  ✍ Author: Francis Ford Coppola

With the 'iCarly' soundtrack, I didn't get to write any of the songs. I just picked songs that meant a lot to me that I really liked.

Tags: Songs, Write  ✍ Author: Miranda Cosgrove

I liked Germany; I'm not into Berlin, it's too huge and empty and imposing, but Munich was good.

Tags: Empty, Good  ✍ Author: Graham Coxon

I cook Italian, Thai and Vietnamese, I've always liked to cook.

Tags: Cook, Italian  ✍ Author: Robert Cray

I liked the Beatles because there was so much melody. Jimi Hendrix is still one of my heroes.

Tags: Beatles, Heroes  ✍ Author: Robert Cray

'Barney Miller' was a lot of fun. I'm very fond of Abe Vigoda. Most - a lot of people on that cast - I really liked.

Tags: Fond, Fun  ✍ Author: James Cromwell

I liked a lot of the scenes I did with Ryan Phillippe.

Tags: Scenes  ✍ Author: Kieran Culkin

With 'Urban Secrets,' I just really liked the idea of wandering around chatting to people.

Tags: Idea, Secrets  ✍ Author: Alan Cumming

I've always liked being relatively obscure. I feel that's where I belong, that's where my work belongs.

Tags: Belong, Work  ✍ Author: Don DeLillo

I had mice that I kept as pets when I was very young, and I've always liked the way they look. Even rats. I'm not scared of them.

Tags: Scared, Young  ✍ Author: Catherine Deneuve

I was a typical farm boy. I liked the farm. I enjoyed the things that you do on a farm, go down to the drainage ditch and fish, and look at the crawfish and pick a little cotton.

Tags: Boy, Fish  ✍ Author: Sam Donaldson

I started doing improv in college, and I really liked it.

Tags: College, Started  ✍ Author: Rachel Dratch

I was sort of the class-clown type, and I was also in school plays, and I always liked comedy.

Tags: Comedy, School  ✍ Author: Rachel Dratch

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