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Oleg Deripaska's Profile

Brief about Oleg Deripaska: By info that we know Oleg Deripaska was born at 1968-01-02. And also Oleg Deripaska is Russian Businessman.

Some Oleg Deripaska's quotes. Goto "Oleg Deripaska's quotation" section for more.

I don't like Moscow. It's not my city.

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Long term I do believe internationally there is a huge misunderstanding of Russia.

Tags: Huge, Russia, Term

Don't forget I'm from a military family. I was in special training in the army. I am tall, sporty and - how do you say - you can always protect yourself... I have very strong security.

Tags: Family, Strong, Yourself

I was very good in math and physics. In the Soviet time, we had a lot of Olympic-style competitions for different disciplines: I was always winning in my region.

Tags: Good, Time, Winning

My mum brought me to my first job when I was 12. I started electrical work at her plant. She was an engineer, a technical expert, at one of the plants in the south, and in the summer she brought me in and I learnt how industrial things work: casting, electricity, maintenance, everything.

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